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Been a long time since i was a player but as a gm i enjoy putting the players who are supposed to be playing compentent people mess up by random luck. In tv shows with ensembles of competent protagonists dumb luck rarely plays a part(at least in the procedurals) so i like when it does actually. Then again, as a weak player i did not like to live in fear of the rng of the dice.. If i recall correctly.

For fluff you may want to check out Royal Road and its story ''Blue Core'' which is about a benevolent sentient dungeon that does indeed level up and expand. Its a nice take on the point of view of the ''baddies'' who are not that bad.

Dungeon Keeper games showed us how it looks from the monsters point of view. Isekai stories are quite numerous in how cities and guilds are made. Fluff wise its relevant at least.

Ello, yeah, i think you are right on the money here(been some time since i read the book however):

wasn't that because it lacked true consciousness and ran into the chinese room problem?

Regardless, the whole Eclipse Phase thing is a bit problematic if we take into account that the instigators of the whole apocalypse have just decided to go away and leave the remnants of humanity to do their own thing. Quite considerate of them woudnt you think? So the setting is acting weirdly, why dosent posthumanity start constructing generational seed ships and get out of the system? It is probbaly just a matter of time before the big bad titans return. And theres no measure that can be taken to stop them, they are levels above what post humanity can throw at them. The humies here are a Kardashev 2 civilisation(even with small extra solar colonies), the Titans are verging on a level 3(althought this may be a controversial statement, they did create the gate system). Ofc thats just my take.

What if spiderman was supermans son but from injustice verse? I think. Also it was a coming of age in a superhero verse where thing turned out messy all the time. Thats my interpretation anyway:)

Gentelmen, you have now officially ruined Eclipse Phase for me. I hope you are happy.

Heh, just kidding ofc. I have never played this game and it has seriously bugged me in some regards. Let me play a bit of amateur devils advocate/fixer here.

One, the rep mechanic. This is not a good mechanic. Its also the same mechanic as the one in Lucas Cranes Freemarket. Its facebook in the future as a currency. To fix this i would only use this for Anarchists scum collectives, all the rest of humanity uses other money like normal people. The problem is, almost all the money stayed on earth so incredibly many people are bankrupt. So, there is post scarcity and scarcity at the same time. Thats my first fix, possibly

Two, the forking and personality coping. The MAD scenario is just about what anybody would do in the first few minutes when this technology would go public, yes. To combat this, there would be forcefull personality checkes, matrioshka safety forks, system wide purges of people copying themselves, communal basilisk hacks and dead man switches installed voluntarilly, or else. Now, all of this woudnt be spoken of in regular polite company. The people who decided to go full horde mode on humanity would just be labeled something. Like, say, exhumans. Exhumans are bad wrong fun, so nobody would like them. The x-man/exhuman analogue has struck me since the beginning when reading EP. There was just no writeup in the first edition and no sourcebook. They just existed on the fringes, mutating into baddies eventually. Pretty weaksauce, its like they were a concept that was just.. made fodder.

Third, the Jovians and bioconservatives seem like they are just plain right. Everybody has lost their marbles after earth apocalypsed and now they are pulling weird crazy shit like making ones copies to die in weird ways to make money(this is in one of the stories, its funny one guy has decided to capitalise on recording and selling masochism, its a grand idea indeed). One could decide to play the factions the authors of the game as the real heroes while the rest of humanity goes looney tunes but hey, this is supposed to fun escapism.

Personally i find some things fun in this game, but it is not well conceptualised and it shows when one stops and thinks it through. Playing as intended is not how i would do it, so why just not play something else? Yeah, seems like a plan.

Okey, i watched the video and subscribed.

The super-speed has been described by his father in the series as ''pushing one self in the opposite of the desired direction'' if i remember it correctly. This makes me feel that viltrumites are capable of possibly reflecting gravity waves in their favor? Just speculation here, im not sure there is anything like that in the show. Anyway, travelling at the speed of plot has been a superhero stories mainstay since forever so as a GM i would just allow it.

Now for setting up a session in the Invincible verse i would be intersted, but the weird swerves of plot that do happen in the comic series(like the issues with Invincibles replacement who just.. killed his family.. that was weird) is something i would leave out of it. Now if it would be like meulating the tv series i would be for it. What could be the possible frameworks of such a session? Lets see:

Invincible War/The Other War, the players are Mark Graysons from alternate universes that have decided not to take part in the invasion. Plot twist, they are also evil just have diffrent goals.

Guardians of The Alternate Times, where the world is very different after Invincible has dissapeared after his fight with Angstrom Levy. The players are living in that world, they are what stands against its threats. And the world is not a good place. Dinosaurus has really ran unchecked and developed some horrible measures to create an utopia.

On the other side of the verse, a pair of viltrumites have taken opposite twin worlds as their charges. They try to stay out of each others way, sometimes they help each other, sometimes they fight. And the PCs are either the superhero members of those worlds or renegade viltrumites hiding amongst them. How will this situation develop?

After the events of the comics, the survivng Viltrumite violet hybrids have a choice to make. Some decide to stay on their planet, some are going to explore the universe. This seems like a good jumping point for a game. What lies beyond the event horizons?

Ello Thondor.

In my view Invincible is Planetary but verging heavily on Cosmic without reaching it. Cosmic means he would be able to do feats that are stretching belief and while the show seems somewhat.. large scale, its not there yet imho. In my comparison, Invincible is in the same cathegory with Authority comics/tabletop by Warren Ellis(controversial man these days) not just because of the hyper violence/gore but also becuase its wide-screen. Both have moments of moral dilemmas just not considered by every day folks because of how big they are, and consequences. Bloody consequences.

I have read the comics and liked them, despite some misgivings. Ill finish the show but in the meantime i have other things on my plate, itll keep.

Ill watch your video when im back from work, laters.

The RPGPundit's Own Forum / Re: Thousand Year Old Wokepire
« on: April 26, 2021, 05:52:42 AM »
I think this is a good case for dissasociating an author from his work. I hear good things bout the rpg, havent read it, will not read it, not my thing currently. As far as beeing unpleseant goes, this guy seems just a cynical/honest cretin who dosent understand why product is supposed to be sold and generate money. This can be overlooked, there are more severe cases out there. The people who read his statement and realise its offensive meaning will not buy his product. The ones who buy it because they think he is right and its ''for them'' are welcome to it. Voting with ones wallet applies here quite well imho.

Media and Inspiration / Re: The Movie Thread Reloaded
« on: April 12, 2021, 06:27:22 PM »
Saw the movie Nobody with Bob Odenkirk few days back. Its like John Wick but way less cynical and over the top. The movie manages to keep one interested as in not breaking the suspension of disbelief. John Wick is still John Wick thou.

Blue Planet, the game i loved reading about but never played.. one of many.

Well, World of Hurt is possibly gonna come out of this. It may be just another dystopia(ecological flavor) but im interested. I also would like to see Black Crusade(the book on Incorporates) but thats probbaly not gonna happen.

There is a french bandee designee thats very similar to this game. Its called Aquablue, and it recently got made into a jdr(french name for tabletop rpg). Its more humorous but close to Blue Planet. I wonder if one could use them to augment each other.. who knows.

When the kickstarter finishes there will be a bit more to talk about, depending how many streach goals end up beeing reached. The more setting material expansion the better.

Could the game lead into the player becoming less fat by employing irl excercises to gain exp? If so its a gain, no matter how small. Seriously, the body and mind needs it. Ofc this is not this thing, reinforcing obesity as normal and coupling tabletop rpgs with it is not what the obese person needs. Rpgs should not have a real world conduit into ones selfimage. They are escapism imho, one that leads to positive stress release or other benefits. Employed with a distortion of ones selfimage they may lead into further distorting it. I have seen way too intense star wars fans or people who call themselves trekkies, who are caricatures of fans of a thing. To make a paraphrase i heard about the negative influence of such behavior, its ''reinforcing the group psychosis in each participant''.

Recently i have seen a tv series about a group of people who are obese and want to get thinner. They will all get their stomaches resized. They look like they need it, emotionally and physically. The problem is this is a potentially very invasive and serious medical procedure. So, beeing too obese is really not good, this is no great new revelation.

I know this group for info on new kickstarters but its facebook, so.. your mileage may vary.

Personally i just scroll and fixate on the projects i find while browsing kickstarter itself.

For rpg news, hmm. I use multiple sources, some quite biased, i just ignore the more in ones face with this worldview parts. Its like watching commercials selectivly, one filters the stuff that is obviously meant to subvert, reinforce or provoke. It hasnt worked each time ofc, i have shitposted in the past:)

Media and Inspiration / Re: The Movie Thread Reloaded
« on: March 29, 2021, 06:35:35 PM »
I havent watched the Snyder cut and im not going to. Ive seen the original, im just not interested. Now the thing that has interested me are the articles and vids on youtube about other possible 4 hour long adaptations. Hollywood will not scrape the botton of the barrel, it will remove it and dig into the ground to find anything resembling interest or nostalgia it seems. I really dont want to know this was the start of a trend. Who knows if it would ever stop escalating.

If somebody enjoys describing violent stress relief who am i as a gm to rob them of that possibility? If i see the players dont want to hear about another bucket of blood beeing spilled i stop myself and start on another subject. Also the question makes me want to snark reflexivly. It does not make me expect fun times ahead. So eh.

Pen and Paper Roleplaying Games (RPGs) Discussion / Re: Reign
« on: March 29, 2021, 06:15:47 PM »
While i really like the games of Greg Stolze i have a hard time finding time these days to play them. Reign never particularly interested me because i just cant see myself spending time on it. Ill gladly read a review but thats it as far as ill go.

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