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I'll add to the people supporting Reign as a suggestion.  Sounds like a worthy reason to unshelf my copy if the premise interests some players.

What are the odds of a "disintegration machine" that teleports them outside the ship for a fun cliche appropriate joke.  One player stands on a pedastal and the other works the odd control panel.  Provided they're the type to fiddle with things.

Quote from: Ronin;303618
Wushu or Exalted would be great for this!:p:D

But seriously it would seem to me that asystem utilizing a wound system would be good. I mean if you were to use something like D20 modern it seems like a large pool of HP would break the suspension of belief so to speak. While I would embrace a "Die Hard" style of play. It seems to me that a well placed hatchet could and should have powerful reprecussions (sp?). I think that, that would be best represented by a wound system. Does WFRP use wounds? I'm not familiar with the system.

WFRP has a simple yet descriptive crit system and is pretty gritty.  With the right GM it would server very well for a deep wounds system.

The speed of advancement has been a problem for me since 3.0 launched.  Once we got over flying through the levels we reached the point where levelling slowed to a crawl.  It always felt off balance a bit.  Still does in 4e.  I don't like to get sucked into that WoW grind mentality.  I'm not talking about repetative slaughter so much as the feeling that the level up is all we're here for, and that there's no time to enjoy the new powers.  Instead you're just clamoring for the higher level stuff.

I have a knack for finding fun ways to use the lowest level of spells and as long as the DM works with me I'm content with a climb to power rather than a drop.

Tasha's Hideous Laughter + Water is fun, as is summoning a mount 20 feet over a shoddy cottage to drive out it's inhabitant.  It's sad that I get to do clever things like this once (maybe twice if I'm lucky) before I level up and the party is expecting more raw damage output from me.

I also play rogues a lot and since 3.0 got big I've always found people focus less on traps and thievery, and more on trying to get their sneak attack every round lest the dps waver and we all perish.

The 4e=WoW argument is tired true, but that's in part because DnD has leaned that way since 3.0 and it was just too new to see it.  Perhaps my problem with 4e is that I've quit MMOs altogether and am really looking for something slower, deeper and more focused on where the characters are rather than where they'll be going.

WFRP sounds like a good choice to me.  That or I'd pick some random system I like which would serve it's purpose and strike me as mechanically interesting at the time.

I don't as yet consider anyone on here to be trolling.  I'm much more comfortable assuming AM is just delusional rather than admit he's purposefully and "cleverly" trying to annoy people.

So on a related note (and sorry if I missed a similar topic) are there any games out there that you would pay to subscribe to if it had something akin to DDI?  Do any other games have enough support to even warrant this kind of thing?

I've contributed to quite a few of the Reign supplements because I like Greg Stolze's work and would like to see him read more even though I've yet to use my Reign book.  That's about as close as I've gotten to paying money for potential resources.

Media and Inspiration / So I Picked Up "In The Name of the King"...
« on: May 19, 2009, 11:34:33 PM »
Ugh, Uwe Boll movies.  I hate 'em, thought not because they suck (which they do) but because I can't find the same fun watching them as I used to when purposefully watching shitty movies.

Once again.  I play 4e, I bought one book and have no interest in buying more.  I think it's pretty bad as a product and could be so much better.  Funny thing is, before I bought the PHB and played a game I thought the same fucking thing.

It's also not the first time I've played games and had fun even though I felt the product was crap.

I don't have to fuck the prostitute to realize she's a little trashy.

Quote from: David R;303356
I can't wait to see what AM says about those deluded fools who still talk about the old game when 5E comes out. You know, 4E.....

David R

I'm hoping he finds a way to remove the stick by then.

Media and Inspiration / New STAR TREK Movie *SPOILERS* Galore
« on: May 15, 2009, 12:48:10 PM »
Quote from: David R;302529
Well yeah, of course his post can be disputed but that would mean not having a life.

David R

Damn, I was hoping to see a nerd fight!  :D

Quote from: RPGPundit;302391
Oh, Christ. ANOTHER alternate wild west where the South didn't fall? Let me guess, they got rid of slavery anyways, and you can play a black Confederate officer or something? :rolleyes:


This was covered in the other thread actually.  The alternate history was created to create a Wild West that would remain Wild for a long time to come rather than die out, and slavery still exists.

Media and Inspiration / New STAR TREK Movie *SPOILERS* Galore
« on: May 15, 2009, 11:14:15 AM »
Quote from: brettmb;302511
You need to get a life.

Can his post be disupted because otherwise he has some solid points.  Doesn't mean the movie won't be fun and I'm totally going to see it once I'm settled in Mt.P.

Quote from: RockViper;302500
Agreed :)

I would make the player come up with a really good backstory before allowing him to play this character.

Definitely if you're setting your campaign in a more typical area of the world.

Quote from: Seanchai;302417
How many purchases did you make after that? If we look at the whole, not just for yourself but for others as well, what's the ratio of "cold" purchases to informed ones?

We know the answer. Thus, speaking in generalities, I'm safe and correct.

Doesn't matter how many purchases, the point is that I spent a larger sum of cash to buy books I had no prior experience with save for the name Dungeons and Dragons.  Those purchases count towards the overall success of the game.  Hence my point that not all books sold indicate anything more than people buying DnD because it says fucking DnD.

You do know the answer you're just too balls deep in 4th edition to understand it completely.

Quote from: Seanchai;302417
Yep. Nevertheless, the statement made clear your past feelings about the game.


Fuck you.  Seriously.  You have no argument against the fact that at least a portion of book sales goes to impulse buy typically on the strength of the name alone.  Since you have no argument you pull out semantics like nerds are prone to do.  So fuck you.

Quote from: RockViper;302258
Because when playing in a standard fantasy campaign I expect to be able to play a fat food loving halfling thief. If we are playing RIFTS then yea bring on the cannibal halflings

I wasn't necessarily saying they'd be the norm or a player race, just that there's room in Greyhawk for cannibal halflings.  Just because there's one degenerate tribe doesn't mean the rest aren't fat and lazy like normal.  :D

Must resist the urge to splurge on another rpg.  I must admit I've been eyeing this game.  Alternate history strikes me as a bonus seeing as how I don't need a history lesson inside my game book when the library is loaded with all the information I'll need to do a historically accurate game if I want.

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