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Quote from: CRKrueger;969769
Yeah but, in Lords of Olympus aren't all the PCs the most powerful beings in the setting and constantly at each others throats over status and bragging rights? :D

EXACTLY.  That's why I went that route.  Because the key element of Amber is not the dimension travel or the immortality or magic, it's that the Amberites are one huge totally dysfunctional family in a soap opera of epic proportions.

Which, frankly, is also what the Greek Gods are.

A bit late to the party here, but the comparison that began this thread and the quoted post are exactly what sold me on Lords of Olympus over the other diceless games. Brilliant marriage of system and theme to a setting, Pundit!

Cymri and Scots don't start with Background Skills, correct?

My games need the unpredictable danger of a bear...  Got it! Since most games grant bonuses to character interactions based on displays of role playing, I'll give combat bonuses based on actual bare knuckle boxing at the table. Sure, it means I'll have to take the occasional sucker punch, but my games will be richer for it.

Quote from: Shasarak;1104535
Wait we are pretending to blow $#!+ up?

Oh fuck.

...and with that, I have found my people.

Quote from: Ratman_tf;1104443

But this checklist stuff strikes me as a way to codify a bunch of rules to make social interaction painless. And social interaction is not painless. It's full of awkward moments and miscommunications. A checklist isn't going to "solve" that.

Well said!

I LOVE that actual communication happens here!  Now, back to rolling dice and pretending to blow $#!+ up!

Quote from: Scrivener of Doom;1104403
Here's the <reply> to a question as to why you were threadbanned. Note that the reply refers to something other than the reason you were threadbanned.

Thanks for posting that; I never would have seen it otherwise.

New Thread: Everyone look at this great new knife for slicing onions! No more tears - guaranteed!
Me: Wow, I've seen people get cut pretty bad with knives. I hope that doesn't happen here.
Official Response: Saying a knife meant for slicing can cut someone is stupid! Leave the kitchen immediately!
3rd Party: What? He didn't violate any rules.
Official Response: Other people have done bad things. Saying a knife could cut like a knife may lead to bad things, so he deserves punishment. End of discussion.

As someone who firmly believes in compassion, communication, and compromise, I'm walking away from that place.

Quote from: Melan;1104366
This just in: calling a HR-style document a HR-style document (and the issues it might cause) gets you an infraction.

Then again, this is a forum which has just permaed some other guy who criticised the sacred thesis of Cultural Appropriation.

Hey, that's me! I did email the mod team to point out that calling my opinion (based on 12+ years of HR in a not-for-profit and not a corporation) "inept" is a personal attack, implying that corporations can't have anything to do with people a group attack, and that this heavy-handed ban is the exact lack of compassion and conversation that I feared.

I'm split 50-50 if it'll be radio silence or a permanent ban.

Anyone seen that the latest version of Synnibarr is apparently being sold on Amazon?

It doesn't feel legitimate - different publisher and Raven's never mentioned it being available on Amazon. Anyone have any clue if this is a bootleg or not? I get that Synnibarr doesn't seem like the best property on which to make money as a bootlegger, but still...


Great site! Next time I need inspiration, I'll simply pull up a random page from your site and then it's off to adventure!

Reviews / Metamorphosis Alpha 5th Edition
« on: June 24, 2015, 12:32:55 PM »
From the examples on page 38, specialties default to their trait's rating. They aren't noted or tracked unless you are talented or inept at the specialty. The dice added because of a talent or subtracted due to being inept are combined with the score for the parent talent. For example, I have 1d in Stealth  but am talented at Pickpocketing (2d). All my Stealth rolls are +1d except for Pickpocketing, which is +3d. At least that's how I read it.

Quote from: RPGPundit;837908
It should have been an OSR game.

Other than the fact that it's a brand new rules set, it is pretty damn old school. The levels of detail (or lack) in rules and setting are no different than what I'd expect or get out of any of my box sets from the early eighties. It gives me some cool ideas and a simple, consistent framework for me and my players to make shit up and have a blast.

Really, the game is all "Here's how you create a character, here's how you do cool stuff, here are things to fight, and here are some setting ideas. Now, play!" To me, that's as old school as my first D&D set back in 1981.

Reviews / Metamorphosis Alpha 5th Edition
« on: June 23, 2015, 02:07:59 PM »
Buying specialties isn't spelled out explicitly, but the impression I have is that they are bought 1d for 1d as a Quality and labeled as a Talent.

I only picked up the PDF last night and am still skimming it. I can't seem to find the sample characters...

Whoops - fixed the link. Thanks!

Once I figured out the structure, I kind of dig how they're handling the hardcopy books - I know I'm paying the best price and accurate shipping.

I have Majus, but only got it for more monsters and to add magic-using villains to Cryptworld. The style of the setting is inspired by film noir and features magical cabals fighting over a MacGuffin.

Goblinoid Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the interior artof a new Cryptworld book.

Looks like we've got more monsters, more unsettling powers, optional rules, and more to support this great game.

Just downloaded the draft and plan on spending the weekend digesting it.

I'm digging in to the new edition as time allows. While it's still, for example, roll high on d100 for combat, the system is quite different. I can't wait for the other books as the whole approach seems geared towards gleefuly AWESOME play.

The chat was priceless. I've been emailing with Raven (I found two editorial errors) and he's a riot and in great spirits.

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