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Media and Inspiration / Health & Fitness for Geeks, Part II
« on: July 07, 2010, 07:53:47 AM »
First of all my sincere apologies for intruding your thread, forgot you where the one who made it in the first place and had the wrong idea about it.
Can ask a mod to delete my posts since i really dont care about preaching over internet the particular path i followed or my results. I just wanted to point out a disagreement and it spiralled out of that.
best wishes

Media and Inspiration / Health & Fitness for Geeks, Part II
« on: July 06, 2010, 07:11:39 PM »
Quote from: Kyle Aaron;392064

The question is whether it keeps working after the first 6-12 weeks, and whether the change is as quick and safe as it could be. And for split routines, in general they don't give beginners results after those first few months.

Well i am not going to take pics and stuff because thats really not my style.
However Jong can vouch for me (and pundit would too but its been a while since he has seen me in person to atest with his own eyes to the changes).

I will go into some details, first of all the changes have been safe with supervision by a physician including blood samples every 3 months to check insuling levels, etc. Also strict diet with nutrionist (nothing too weird but some good tips and playing safe).

Its been about 8 months already, the first 2 months purely cardio (jogging 3 days a week for 4 km alternating walking and jogging which took about 1hr per session). After that. 4 months of lifting with a 3 day lifting split with cardio for the inbetween days, finally the past 2 months due to getting really bored with cardio i switched to a 5 day lift split.

In said 8 months I started at 118 kg (181cm tall) of mostly fat and am nowadays at 95kg with a fair amount of muscle. I am currently bulking clean (2000 calorie diet with 40/40/20 carb prot fat) and will continue to do so for a couple more months after which i will switch to cutting with a calorie deficit diet to shed off the final pounds before going into a mantainance regime. And yes it sounds like a tv comercial transformation and it kinda was, most people around me can barely believe it.

My path of course is not the only way, in fitness there are tons of ways to reach your goals and i respect all of them since the main priority should be enjoying getting into shape, however my only point is that I disagree on dismissing traditional weight lifting with splits as something beginners cant do. It's definitely a very valid option of which i am merely one example.

Media and Inspiration / Health & Fitness for Geeks, Part II
« on: July 06, 2010, 05:14:04 AM »
Question not aimed at me and i am not the expert however from personal and related experience i will touch upon splits since i disagree about them being for advanced people (i am not advanced and they have given me huge results). Splits are a must for any person getting into traditional weight lifting, advanced or not. Heck, popular and effective starting programs like Starting Strength are based on it. Yes it can get quite complicated once you delve into supersets and whatever but those are really not needed.

In any case, i will touch upon splits (even if only for informative purposes) since i have been researching and experimenting on them quite a bit for this past year.

As Kyle said, the reasoning behind splits is that it is usually advised to give enough rest for muscle groups to recover from trauma inflicted in previous training session (always talking weights here) before hitting them again. Said rest time usually depends on what kind of training you are doing but 4-5 days is the standard time though 1 week ends up being used in some splits.

There are usually 2 types of splits

First type is when you setup 2 different workouts (workout A and B) and alternate between them so that you end up repeating the same workout only every 4-5 days. Several famous training regimes like Starting Strength (SS) work with this kind of setup.

The other major school of spliting is strictly between muscle groups.

First you divide between muscle groups, the usual division is:
Chest, Shoulders, Back, Legs and Arms (biceps/triceps). (can further divide legs but only really matters when you are advanced)

Then see how much time you have during the week or if you want to lift less to do more cardio.

For example if you want to focus mostly on lifting and have the time to do it, you can do a 5 day split with the weekends off. (example: Mon - chest, Tue - legs, Wed - back, Thu - shoulders and Fri - arms, etc). This is what i am currently doing.

You can might want to do a 3 day split. Why?
Well maybe because you dont want to hit the gym all 5 days of a week or maybe you want to fit some more heavy cardio into your schedule. (It is usually not advised to do heavy cardio on lifting days because your lifting gains will be affected.)

An example of said 3 day split would be:
Monday - Back & legs
Tuesday - Heavy Cardio or rest
Wednesday - Shoulders & Bicep
Thursday - Heavy Cardio or rest
Friday - Chest & Tricep
(Switch around the muscle group split however you prefer.)
I actually had a lot of success for weight loss with this one, i stopped doing it because i started to find cardio boring and wanted to shift more towards lifting. But i am definitely switching back to this once i can lift decent weight and summer comes.

Actually the workout A and B regime i mentioned first is a 2day split that allows 2 things:
1) Several advanced regimes use it because it helps advanced trainees to workout more often by giving a 4 day rest to a given muscle group instead of a whole week.
2) Several beginner programs use it because its easier for a beginner trainee to remember 2 workouts and also he doesn't have to live in a gym.

Just for informative purposes for whoever might feel curious.

Media and Inspiration / Health & Fitness for Geeks, Part II
« on: May 09, 2010, 03:02:42 PM »
Dropped 22kg since November and have built some decent muscle (still loads to go). Though of course i got information on tons of places was my main guide, very much recommended. It's a beginners guide to health with the factual basics in laymans terms both regarding diet and excercise.

Media and Inspiration / Iron Man 2
« on: May 09, 2010, 03:30:01 AM »
I was fun, had some great scenes but as a movie i think it was too much like a comic. For example. the whole deal with his father was kinda not needed. In a comic you only loose a couple of panels but on a movie those kinds of things can really mess the pacing.

Still enjoyed it quite a bit but i am an Iron Man fan so all i wanted was the fan service, but i could understand casual movie goers getting a bit overwhelmed.
Of course, there are all kinds of points of view.

I have watched it several times now and with each watch i see more stuff that could have probably been done much better. IMHO, the rush Marvel placed on getting this movie (to time all the movies for Avengers) made in 2 years instead of the 3 Favreu wanted like in the first one was the deciding factor. This one definitely lacked polish.

Media and Inspiration / Avatar
« on: January 03, 2010, 03:29:37 AM »
Quote from: Axiomatic;352445
but it has one brilliant quality that a lot of "better" dialogue lacks - it is almost entirely free of exposition.

i think we saw totally different movies. The Avatar i saw had this video log bits filled with exposition.

Media and Inspiration / Avatar
« on: January 01, 2010, 02:31:53 PM »
Being frank, if you take out the visuals and overall production quality, Avatar is almost like a direct to video movie, the plot has absolutely no originality and the dialogues are bland.
However, it's still worth to be seen because the visuals, fight choreographies, etc are just that good.

Pen and Paper Roleplaying Games (RPGs) Discussion / Classes
« on: May 19, 2009, 02:30:42 PM »
Quote from: Ghost Whistler;303153
the class you choose in WoW determines how you play the game. Of course you can do more than one thing, but you will always be based around the way you want your character to play given.
A druid can go feral for tanking and use a rage bar which emulates warrior mechanics and is totally different than another druid being in catform using rogue style energy attacks or being in caster form doing heals. Also a shaman can use melee attacks if talented into enhancement or go the caster route and cast lightning bolts. Class choice in WoW narrows your options but you still have a varied array of options depending on talent specialization.

Anyway, back on topic, classes are definitely not required as shown by lots of rpgs like Shadowrun and if implemented they can go outside the traditional arquetypes as Earthdawn and i am sure lots of other rpgs can show. Not to say that the concept of classes, levels, etc are not the most popular due to them being the core of D&D.

Pen and Paper Roleplaying Games (RPGs) Discussion / Classes
« on: May 19, 2009, 06:53:21 AM »
I am not sure what you mean by centered?
If you mean the role then i disagree because most classes can do more than 1 task. For example a druid or a paladin can offter tanking, healing or damagedealing and the game changes drastically depending on what you are doing, even if its the same class.

Pen and Paper Roleplaying Games (RPGs) Discussion / Classes
« on: May 19, 2009, 05:23:16 AM »
Check Earthdawn. It shows how you can have a lot of different classes by adding different kinds of utility, imho its a great example of how to break the traditional class setup.

Regarding classes all together there are games out there which drop the concept of class and you are what you choose to be from skill selection, etc. Shadowrun comes to mind as an example here.

Finally, I dont think I understand what you mean with WoW. I have played it for quite a bit and love it but there is not much regarding innovation. They enforced the most simplistic of the role breakdown = tank - healer - damage dealer. Depending on how you choose your Talents (analogous to feats) your class you can accomplish one of those 3 roles/tasks effectively, it does its job but its nothing groundbreaking. Have to be careful when analyzing out mmorpg's since most of the things in there are shortcomings of the medium not features.

thanks for your answer Moonhunter, i now understand more what you mean.

Quote from: MoonHunter;293668

A Punisher type personality/ powers would be inappropriate to an Avenger's style game. Even more so for a Justice League.  Why would you be there, a PC halo?   Even a lesser team would eject them, lest the wrath he will eventually draw down splash on to them.

Ok misunderstanding here. What i meant with "flash with punisher personality" is his pragmatic approach. It was more of a, what happened if someone playing The Flash tried to be as efficient as possible or basically someone who used their power without jobbing.
You address this issue later on so no harm done, just making it clear on what i meant with that particular example.

Quote from: MoonHunter;293668

powers applied creatively to emulate others

Now case can be made for the occasional exception, but if it is a regular basis, it should be a purchased effect.

Ok this is a great way to limit how overpowered (OP) superspeed is.
The responsability would be then on the system to have the right amount of superpowers right?
Too many and your room to be creative with your own is diminished since you would be crossing into another power.
Too few and the most versatile power gets an edge (example superspeed).

Also thanks for the other examples (tornado, etc), great advice on how to make sure players dont abuse their powers too much. I see more clearly now the similarities with other systems/genres you mentioned. Basically hammer them with nitpicking ala GM fucking a player casting a Wishspell :)

Quote from: MoonHunter;293668
If your character is "The smart guy", buy the skills to allow them to do all the "smart things".  Player knowledge vs character knowledge is a way to address some of that.  If you are a smart player, your character should have the skills that help you emulate that.

ok this one i agree and disagree. Though i agree character skills and player skills are obviously different, i was more talking about smart without going to Mr. Fantastic levels, on the level that The Flash applies his powers for example.

Quote from: MoonHunter;293668
And yes, there are comics that have pragmatic smart heroes.  Most are not mainlines or have some really contrived things to allow them to co-exist with other heroes.

I am not sure to what supers verse you are refering here but most teams (Avengers, JLA, etc) have very different kinds of heroes mixed and thats what makes their interaction cool. Iron Man and Captain America have been debating idealism vs pragmatism since longer than i can remember for example.
The context i said this was more like if your Flash player was playing dumb on his power use, the Batman player could tell him "do this and that" that would trivialize a problem. My issue with this was that now not only the Flash player would have to job but now some of his teammates too. And each with the powers of the rest.

Quote from: MoonHunter;293668
Do you not agree that players should work together to have fun in the game? (And balance that fun.)  Should one player be allowed to destroy the fun of others in the group?

Of course not, means to an end though. My main point of disagreement was that i believed superspeed is not manageable without some serious jobbing. So i proposed the GM banning exploitable powers. You say it can work and threw some cool tips to do so.
Maybe my fears are really unfounded. /shrug

Quote from: MoonHunter;293420

You would say "why not?". I would ask you would you let a Camalot Paladin into your all thieves game?  Would you let a guy in a bozo the clown suit (and must wear it all the time) into your espionage team?  Would you let a guy in a bathrobe and pointy hat who claims to be a wizard (and is) into your science fiction mercenary campaign (okay you might).  Now if we were running a different kind of game, sure the character would work. If we are running a comic book styled game... no.

See, you are pushing my examples to the extreme trying to prove a point.
Yes, i understand why anyone would disallow such extreme examples. What i am asking (or have been asking) is for you to draw me the line (me as a player) where i break genre so i dont cross it.
Aka: when do i stop dodging. No, extreme examples with clowns, etc are not really helping me.

Quote from: MoonHunter;293420
Supers games tend to be about "powers you have" and "powers the GM approved".  Going beyond that because you logically should be able to, you have basically decided to ignore character creation and game rules. Minor things, okay.

So given my example of Flash powers and Punisher personality you as a GM rather ban the personality, i would rather ban the powers.

Quote from: MoonHunter;293420
Major things, it would be like a fantasy character casting some spell (you would then say, you can't not on your sheet... he would say it is logical that I could). If you want to use reality to do certain things, that is okay.  Your GM might let you.  Then you will discover that reality cuts both ways as that piece of road debris rips through your thigh like a large cal bullet.  

no, imho that example is wrong. That spell you describe would be like me asking for my power to do something it does not, like for example stretching for more than i can, going faster than i could or lifting more than i should.
My example of creative application of powers is more along the lines of "i use my fireball to ignite that oil" which most games can handle and allow but in a super games a similar application would be breaking the genre because i suddenly became too smart.

Quote from: MoonHunter;293420
Genre compliance is a spirit of game compliance.  One of the reasons many people have unsatisfying Supers Games experiences is because either the GM or the Players "don't get it".  (Don't believe me, look at the number of people in the favorite/ least favorite thread).   Sure they are playing the "playing smart, and if I had powers we would do it this way", but that won't be a comic game.

Here is where i disagree with your pendragon comparison. I am playing a knight that cares about honor, thats why i act in a certain way. My personality dictates my actions.
In your vision of a super example, i am playing a smart person that is stupid. There is no personality that dictates those actions. Imho, it is quite different.

Also regarding "people getting it" i think lots do, the difference is how they refer to it "putting kid's gloves", "dumbing the character down", etc.
Now i dont see many people saying this cant be played, it surely can. But since, as you said, it is quite difficult to put in game mechanics, the responsibility is on the players to keep the strong powers in check. For many people this is boring or just too hard for a given group.

However if there was a system that took away that responsibility to throttle from the players (and hence this thread), many more people would find it more fun.

Quote from: MoonHunter;293420

To address one last thing...

For me at least, this would totally suck to play.

Hence why you should not be playing.  And that is okay.  You are not a supers player. The bit about Supers Play is trying to show how good you are by how well you can work in their rules.  Just like a Noir game is about showing how well you can be the cynical protagonist, or a Pendragon game about being a honorable knight.  Any of these may not be their cup of team. And that is why we have so many different kinds of games.

I could play a supers game perfectly fine, even if it was in your point of view, i would just find it boring to have all this cool powers and not be able to use as i see fit.

Quote from: Soylent Green;293269
Well it kind of like Pendragon in that if you see a knight at a bridge, even if you are not in the best of shape you are not going to ride around him, ford the river further downstream or wait of back up or.

And if confronting a mystery, a knight will not engage scientific method and logical deduction, let alone question peasants who may have witnessed something.

Agreed, but the first case (bridge) is a choice due to being honorable and the second one is because of personality. The Flash playing dumb doesnt fall into any of this categories imho.

Also, a fellow knight would dont dare suggest something unhonorable. What happens if the Batman/Mr.Fantastic/Brainiac/Smart-Team-Leader of the group tell me how to apply powers properly? Ignoring them would now be pure stupid or rebellious on my part. So now the people behind those other characters have to be mindful of not recommending courses of action that trivialize challenges and therefore break genre.

Media and Inspiration / Head to Head: IPod vs Zune...... FIGHT!!!!
« on: March 30, 2009, 02:21:06 PM »
I bought an ipod nano 8gb and do regret it. Though the device itself is not bad. Itunes sucks even after spending hours on the import and tag everything properly. Not to mention xna3 support on the zune.

Then again i could get my hands on a zune and end up hating it.

It's not only about realism Moonhunter, there are 2 issues a player runs into imho.

1) I want to play a character with the pragmatic thinking of The Punisher but with the powerset of The Flash or Superman. Would you disallow this because it breaks genre to have such a powerful character be a pragmatic?

2) Ok ignoring cases like 1: we have The Flash with a character behavior that goes along with it.
The GM now presents me with a challenge and i am all happy that i found a way to solve it with my superspeed only to be shown a face and told "you are breaking genre!". So since the player is trying to emulate the behaviour of The Flash, he will end up asking on most challenges "do i break genre if i use my speed to solve this? or is this the part where i just take the punch and get captured by the villain?"
I mean, the player would have to question himself in all challenges if he can do the smart thing or if he has to play dumb and this is with even the best interests. For me at least, this would totally suck to play.

It is definitely not the same as pendragon, honor is more the equivalent of a superhero having sworn not to kill. It is part of the idealism of a character and helps take decisions when confronted by choice. But all this doesnt include to play stupid within the valid limits of what your character would do should he have thought about it.

So no, i dont believe a game system can do Flash & co. Either you allow the powers and players have to play stupid (which i find boring) or you ban the offensive powers and let players do as with any other rpg out there.

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