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Hey everyone! Here's my kickstarter which ends in a day; it's a universe of novels and TRPG books! Please take a look, and don't forget to download all the free books and previews: Light Strikers

Hi everyone,

I just want to do one more post about my game world during its last week on kickstarter.
You can go and download free tutorial and quick start adventures, (from drivethrurpg) as well as a short story and novelette preview.
Finally, we have a new channel up where we share replay recordings of edited gameplay sessions.


Please check out our website for more info:

This is a brand new game system & rules setting.

And it's designed with a complete world, stories, novels, comics, and more!


This is a BRAND NEW game system & campaign setting for you to feast your imagination on!

The system is story & roleplaying driven. However, combat is equally as important. There are 3 levels to the "Clash system" of rules. Level 1 has basic dice rolls with two 6 sided dice, simplified combat, and pregenerated class loadouts. Level 2 expands the combat, and allows for class customization. Level 3 has fully tactical, skirmish combat with other polyhedral dice like the 20 sided dice. Regardless of the level you play with, everything is compatible, and the game is designed to be as long as a story driven campaign as you want.

The Light Strikers game is complete in draft form. There still will be editing, revisions, and additions made until everything is signed off for final delivery. And this will also depend on which stretch goals are unlocked. But at its foundation, the game is ready to go!

After the campaign ends, it won't be too long before everyone starts receiving final products and unlocked stretch goals. Exciting!
And yes- there are plenty of preview/quickstart materials. There is a solo adventure tutorial book, short story, and novelette preview available at launch. Furthermore, there is a "mini-player's handbook" and Adventure Scenario for the Sage Commander (GM) that is available immediately to those who pledge. It provides the complete level 2 "rules-lite system." Bonus- when the campaign hits its initial goal of $3,000, everyone unlocks an additional book that builds a micro-campaign from the adventure scenario. This will be available immediately.

And there is also an $8,000 stretch goal that unlocks portions of the full Light Strikers game & Clash ruleset that will be available immediately after the campaign ends. These will be compiled into special PDF books that allow everyone to start playing as full Light Strikers, with access to more rules, locations, powers, and extra adventure scenarios! Again, this will be available as soon as the campaign ends!

Please check out our website and kickstarter:

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