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A while ago I released a free android app: Game Master Journal. The main features of this app allow you to create, customize, and keep track of various parts of your campaign, like NPC's, cities, and items. There's plenty of functionality that was initially released, and I have various other updates planned, some of which was suggested by the community! Well the latest update is live: there's now an entirely new, customizable page for you to use however you like.

You can customize the various titles and headers, so if you want to use it as a Quest log, or session notes (or whatever else you think of), you can. There are multiple text fields for you to add whatever info you need. You can also link to other npcs, cities, or items you've created, and even add an image! In addition to all this, the Loot page has been updated, so you can now organize multiple items into groups. This will allow you to create an entire shop inventory, or dragon hoard, and easily filter your various groups whenever you need.

All of this is offered for free on the Google Play store, and there's also support for French, Spanish, German, Russian, and Japanese languages. I hope some of you find good use for it!

Check out the app here!

Love that there's no advertisements and BS.  Ignore the jackass that rated it 5-stars but needs it to chirp and dance at him.

With the option to export, it might see more use for me as a lunchtime idea pad, where I prestock NPC data.  Have you considered a 'Notes' or 'Miscellaneous' category?

Bought Dark Mode by way of support.

Indeed I have. I've gotten suggestions for a Quest activity as well. Next on my update list will hopefully be a fourth option, most likely Miscellanous, and the goal would be to have everything in there be customizable, so you could make it a quest log, or a session note section, whatever you'd like. It'd be bare bones, but would have multiple text entries that you can use.

The other update I want to investigate is import functionality. Exporting is easy, but I'd like to be able to allow users to import files as well, and have them automatically populate the databases. I suspect that update may take a bit of time.

Thank you so much for the support! Feel free to add any additional suggestions or report any issues you encounter, I'm always open to input!

I just released a new update that allows users to export their databases in CSV form! It also prompts you to send/share it, which means you can directly upload it to google drive, or whatever other service you'd like.

For those who decide to check it out, any feedback is welcome and appreciated! A lot of the features that are currently implemented came directly from feedback I received early on in the development, so user input really helped shaped it.

My God, I honestly hadn't seen the beholder connection before now. I was so stuck in picturing it as a Boulder lmao

Not currently, however I honestly hadn't considered exporting info previously. It should be pretty simple to implement, and seems like a good feature to add. I'm gonna try to get that integrated by the end of this weekend!

The main campaign I run has been postponed since the pandemic started, and since then I've used Roll20 to run premade One-shots mostly, to sate the thirst for games haha.It's got some decent features, nice character sheet integration, lighting/fog of war, and other small stuff. It definitely does what I need it to, but that being said there's a bit of magic that's lost compared to in person games, so I probably won't be running this for my main campaign. Overall not a bad option for online tools.

So for a while, I had been wanting a way to consolidate all the different things I wanted to keep track of when running my D&D games. None of the available notebooks and journals out there did exactly what I wanted, and I had been wanting to learn mobile development for a while, so I took it upon myself to create the tool that I wanted to use, and it's finally finished and available for whoever wants to use it.

The main things the Game Master Journal helps track are NPCs, cities, and loot. For NPCs, you can add races, descriptions, plot hooks, a reference image, and you can also upload a voice file, in case you use accents or speech patterns you want to remember months down the line when that NPC finally makes a return appearance. In addition, you can tie an NPC to a specific city, in order to filter out only the NPCs in certain cities.

For the loot, you can add prices, rarities, descriptions, and images. I've been using this page to basically store an entire list of different stuff to stock the various magic shops in my world.

For cities, you can add custom environments, economies, sizes, and additional notes. You can add travel times between different cities so you know how long your players will spend in transit, and you can also add individual locations/buildings/points of interest within each city.

All of this is offered for free on the Google Play store, and I also added support for French, Spanish, German, Russian, and Japanese languages. It's universal, so it should work with any TTRPG that you use. I hope some of you find good use for it!

Check out the app here!

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