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RPG Adventure Candles

Hi, we're Happy Piranha, a small family run business in Cornwall, UK and we're Kickstarting a new range of scented candles, designed for Dungeon Masters and RPG enthusiasts. We want to create a range of candles, inspired by game locations, with scents to stimulate your imagination, deepen your immersion and enhance the narrative.

We're also designing three downloadable maps, based on locations featured on each of the three candle's artwork - perfect for using alongside your candle as inspiration for starting a new adventure, or as an encounter in an existing storyline.

You can find our project here



Memories are linked to your sense of smell, as is your imagination. We want to bring that sense into play, adding another level of experience and enjoyment to your game.

Your morning coffee or visit to the bakery would not be half as enjoyable without the smell connected with them. The warmth of spring and the aroma of freshly cut grass – the excitement of opening that new DM guidebook and the whiff of pristine print.

The sign of a good game, aside from delving into dungeons and fighting dragons, is the  shared experiences created by the atmosphere you evoke. So why miss out on the full experience – our candles will make a great addition to your storytelling arsenal

The Designs

1. The Tavern: Warm, cosy aroma of apple cider, honey-laced mead and log fires.
Many a great adventure is born at some auspicious inn. Tucked away under the rafters, a band of rag-tag heroes huddle together in the warmth of the log fire, discussing their aspirations for the road ahead whilst enjoying a tankard or two of mead.

2. Emerald Shores: A fresh sea breeze with a trace of coconut from coastal gorse and base notes of salty driftwood.
 Who knows where the wind may take you? Into valuable encounters with those sharing the trade winds or smugglers and privateers with a more sinister intent. There's a profit to be made on the high seas but the risks are equally as high.

3. Dark Forest: Freshly trodden undergrowth, sandalwood and bluebells with a hint of foreboding.
Those who venture deep into the dark woods rarely return to tell the tale. Among the maze of trees, some say you can see the faces of lost souls in the twisted bark. If you are to get through, you will need to enlist all of your senses.

Who are we?
We're Sam and Josh, a twin project (literally) tucked away on the blustery Cornish coast. Josh gets on with it and I do the talking - it's always been this way and it's worked out just fine so far. We look similar on the outside, but aren't that similar on the inside, though we do share a fondness for the same things: fantasy, sci-fi, adventure, books and gaming are all part of what makes us Happy Piranhas.

Our projects are part of a passion. They wind their way from conversations about the things we enjoy, to the ideas they inspire, to Josh's pen and paper and then onto his computer. If we're lucky, some make it into the homes of those who share our sentiments.

You can find out more about us here

Thank you for taking the time to check us out!


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