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I can't say the same, unfortunately. I am unable to ignore this sort of thing and use the setting without it. Probably because I would much rather use the settings as they are, or else create my own from scratch than to imvest time and work making adjustments. Lately that has become a problem, of course.

I also have no interest in JK Rowling as a writer. She may be good, I have no idea, I suppose the Harry Potter fandom appeared too late in my life to capture my attention. I watched the first movie and that was it. But she does keep on fighting the cancel mob, so that's something. As for Richard Morgan, I only knew him vaguely as the author of the AC books, but after I knew the Twitter mob had come for him I decided to read his books. I was tempted to try Eclipse Phase because of the Altered Carbon connection, but then... well, then I come upon a small portion of what you exposed on your post and I just gave it up. There's a lot of trans in the setting, but I thought it was supposed to be mostly transhumanism.

Well, I am not completly sure about the origin of the term "sleeve", but I do think it was coined by the author of the Altered Carbon books (the trilogy has been mentioned as one of the inspirations, probably the main inspiration for the Eclipse Phase setting, so even if the term has another origin there's still a strong connection). Richard K Morgan has dared to defend the reality of biological sex - I think it was when the woke mob first tried to cancel JK Rowling - and has been since deplatformed from just about any social media. The story is in his blog:

And shouldn't have they dropped the "sleeve" thing? Since Richard K Morgan was cancelled, as the horrible transphobe he is, "sleeve" should have been considered a dirty word...

Quote from: S'mon;1143913
Modiphius are actually British. Although they may well vote Liberal Democrat. :D

They must have a Hell of a time finding enough PoCs here for their Affirmative Action hiring. At least Seattle-ites can hire half-east-Asians if they want & declare victory.

When I've been to Dragonmeet I'd say the (many, many) Modiphius employees there were 90-95% white male, 5-10% white female. The women you see selling stuff tend to be downstairs in the trade hall selling gem dice bags and other RPG-adjacent paraphernalia.

Chris Birch may self-identify as a black lesbian.

Quote from: kidkaos2;1143749
Letter I just sent to Modiphius:

I just read that you are replacing Adam Koebel's gamemastering advice.  The announcement specified that this will be advice from women and people of color.

As a disabled white man, I take it that means I am not going to be represented on your new team.  I previously bought products from your Forbidden Lands and Conan product lines.  Should I refrain from purchasing products from you in the future?  Your announcement seems to indicate that you value people of certain identities and my identity is not one of those you value.

Thank you for your consideration on this matter,

I sent a similar letter to the producers of Eclipse Phase a while back in response to their announcement that they didn't want men's rights activists playing their game.  I said that since I am a man who values his civil rights does that mean you do not wish me to purchase your products?  They were quick to tell me they did want my business.  The point I was making flew right over their heads.  I wonder if the same will happen with Modiphius.

I send them an e-mail trying to cancel an order a couple of weeks ago and I'm still waiting for a reply. They don't care much for their clients, one way or the other, I'm afraid...

Quote from: spon;1143381
Of course it is! The hobby has been (vastly) majority white male since its inception. How is this difficult to comprehend?
Imagine a job advert from a few years ago - "Several years experience in the hobby would be advantageous". Who would have that - that's right a lot of middle-aged men! These days you get far more "diversity", but 5 or 10 years ago? It was white males as far as the eye could see. I'm glad it's changing - now being a nerd isn't something to hide from your colleagues. But people moaning because the staff of a games company is mostly white dudes? There are more important hills to fight and die on.

Maybe I was misundertood, I wasn't complaining, I was just stating that their virtue-signalling is particularly vacuous because they haven't even tried to practice what they are now preaching. Smaller companies probably get away with that but in their case it's quite obvious.

Quote from: Spinachcat;1143370
I truly can't believe I won't be buying a Dune RPG.

But between their craptastic house system and their SJW politics, its going to be an utter shitfest.

It's really telling Modiphius went with "writers that include women and PoC" instead of their NAMES because they don't matter as writers or human beings. All that matters is their sex junk and skin color. That's what had to be promoted to their audience. Not telling us that Person A is a Dune expert or fabulous GM or Person B is an authority on Frank Herbert. Nope, they instead went with "give us kudos! We got us a vagina and a not-honky!!"

Hopefully, go woke, go broke will knock on their door soon enough.

Oh well, more money to send to a better publisher who isn't a pandering imbecile.

And they should beware, because they haven't been that inclusive over the last few years. Their staff is composed by quite a lot of white dudes and then there's a woman and a black guy (but he isn't even a writter, he works in customer support). If the woke mob decides to cancel them they will have a field day.

Maybe that will not hurt them that much, they seem to be doing alrigh businesswise... I was involved in a couple of discussions in their Facebook page and in their own forum (yes, I was part of their customers... up until that announcement) and although there were some people that found that assuming their "fans" are puerile children who need safety tools is offensive to their audience, most were applauding them for that.

Quote from: Taggie;1142945
The complaint was about the use of a transsexual model (in setting) in a sexualised manner to advertise some in setting drink or other.  Which was a ridiculous complaint imho.

There was another thing about race, can't recall exactly what, but Mike Pondsmith wrote something about refusing to be lectured on how to act about racism.

Quote from: Armchair Gamer;1142924
I even noticed some of it slipping into some of their Facebook promotions for Castle Falkenstein. They took the 'Day in the Life' section from Comme Il Faut and reposted it in snippets, but flipped the gender of the narrator and dropped in a transgender character.

Hey, I didn't notice that. A transgender in the Victorian age? I mean, it's not quite out Victorian age, but still...

Quote from: RandyB;1142938
Disappointing! This, after Maximum Mike told the SJWs to pound sand when they complained about something or other in the Cyberpunk 2077 video game.

Exactly! I loved that reply and then, all of a sudden, things turned really sour... Probably has nothing to do with the Pondsmiths, but still, it's their company...

You mean in the past? I have no problem with being progressive, that's fine with me, the hypocrisy, ignorance, arrogance and the cult-like attitude of the woke is what gets on my nerves.

I was browsing through the mentioned thread and found no reference to a few companies like Free League, Fantasy Flight (although they, apparently, are no longer making RPGs they still have a lot of products out there) and Cubicle 7. Have these wokened too? Or have they stayed neutral?

Quote from: jeff37923;1142900
Labyrinth Lord and Basic Fantasy are my go-to's for fantasy

Traveller and Cepheus Engine for hard (ish) science fiction

Cyberpunk 2020 and Cybergeneration for cyberpunk (duh)

Mekton II and Mekton Zeta for giant robots/anime

d6 Star Wars for Star Wars

Everything else AFAIK that has come out in the last 10 years has slowly slid into social justice politics disguised as gaming.

Although Cyberpunk 2020 is untouched by wokeness - of course - Talsorian's new "Media Ambassador" is as woke as it gets (he is rather annoying on Twitter, not through his personal account, but Talsorian's). So, as he is also envolved in the games, I bet Cyberpunk Red will turn out pretty much a SJW wet dream (and The Witcher most likely will get the same treatment).

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