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Overwhelmingly, both scientists and governments agree that covid-19 has more lethal power than a nasty cold, and that vaccination against it is a good idea.

More lethal power than a nasty cold for who?

If you are 80 years old.
I am aware of at least seven healthcare workers that I have worked alongside that have died in the last year from Covid. The youngest was 36, the oldest 61. These are people that I knew by name and interacted with, not just names on a list. In the case of three of them, I have met their families as well. I am only aware of one similar death in the last 10 years from the flu (back in 2016), and none from a cold in that time.

What about the people that you were not aware of?  How many of them died from the Flu?

None, because the kungflu magically displaced every other respiratory disease.

Overwhelmingly, both scientists and governments agree that covid-19 has more lethal power than a nasty cold, and that vaccination against it is a good idea.

More lethal power than a nasty cold for who?

If you are 80 years old.

More lethal power than a nasty cold for everyone. covid-19 is extremely deadly to seniors, but it's still severe and sometimes deadly to adults of any age - much more lethal than the common cold in every age bracket. We don't even need to consider classification that is disputed. Just look at the overall mortality of 2020 compared to other years. The under-65 group still has a very elevated mortality. There are a huge number of increased deaths.


This is shown as a percentage compared to previous years. As a percentage, the rate has gone up highly for all age ranges. The absolute lethality of covid is highest for 85+, but they already have a high death rate.

Ages 15-64 but then it's separated by 10 years...

Me thinks this chart was crafted to inflate the number of the younger victims. To make it appear to the smoothbrains like people below 54 are just as much in danger as those above 55.

But then again I'm just a "conspiracy theorist" according to the left.

Cool Beans! *yoink*

If my Space:1889 game ever gets back off the ground, I have a resource for the Mad Scientist who is working to supply the Worm Cult with crazy weapons.


Thanks to you, your input helped get the creative juices flowing.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand... It's done!  8)


And the column is up to 50 and so complete.

With these the table has now 50 prefixes, which means that column is full.


Edited to add:

Power Source:
White Dwarf

With this the power source column is also 50, so complete.

I wonder

The video is unavailable Geeky.

Try using a vpn, I can see it just fine.

I've recently been dipping my toe back into historical wargaming.

I'm kind of shocked at how expensive wargames products are.

Wargames Vault, the drivethru equivalent, is packed with 40 or 50 page amateurish-looking black and white rulebooks with minimal art cut and pasted from wikipedia or somewhere, that go for fifteen or twenty quid.

I looked at one naval wargame that wanted about fifteen quid for a 50pp core rulebook, then another six or seven for a book to play a particular period, then another fiver or so for ship data cards...

Compare and contrast vs say World Without Number, 400 gorgeous full colour pages and years of gaming for fifteen quid.

I guess wargamers are just more used to splashing the cash.

I haven't used this one so...

Totally not WH or WH40K Don't let the name fool you AoF & GDF are about 28 pages, also their suplements are free, and the full book is for sale in DTRPG IIRC.

Think this one is in DTTRPG FreeWars_LRGGv1.2

Really short rules

Edited to add:

Yet Another Totally not WH, this time it's a full blown book with armies and sheit:

Fleet warfare but in space

Womp, womp.

Are we going for power source 2, then? 'cause I have a few

1) Luminiferous
2) Radiant
3) Fractal (although that's better as an Effect)
4) Astral
5) Plasmic (perhaps better as Plasma in the Catalyzed column)
6) Lanthanic
7) Entropic (Again, perhaps an Effect)
8 ) Enthalpic
9) Celestial
10) Ytterbic (what is it about Ytterby, Sweden that makes for a cluster of otherwise very rare elements? The Ytterbic Effect!)

Hopefully, that will get things going...

Hey! Thanks! I meant adding 20 entries to the table, as in roll 1d100, as in having 1-50 entries, but that sure helps!

As for your notes, don't over think it, it's for a Pulp game, they used to have the more crazy names for stuff back then.


Spinachcat mat sound insane but there's some truth behind those crazed ramblings. There's been an ongoing concern in EU countries regarding the AZ with governments stopping the use of it. Up until this week the UK Brexit nutters have said that it's just the EU hating Britain because reasons but now it's being questioned for under 30's.

So there's no real government cover-up, most involved  governments seem to have taken it seriously, just some weird nationalism from the UK government and it's being investigated. It's actually old news. The general consensus is that vaccination remains a good thing and anti-vaxxers like Spinachcat are nutters.

Vaccination IS a good thing...

Being used as a guinea pig without economic gain, with the pharmaceutical having total immunity not so much.

Just to be clear, not a single one of the vaccines has completed their tests and trials before being deployed for mass use.

You don't need to be an anti-vaxxer to think this might not be a good thing or that there might be serious side effects down the line.

But you do need to be a dunce to think all is hunky dory and the government would never lie nor would the big corporations selling half assed products as if it were fully developed and tested ones.

I mean if my family could sue and get the George Floyd payday for one of us dying from their dodgy vaccines then sure.  If we just all have to literally die at the altar of Pharma profits then no thanks.

Exactly, I nor my family can sue either the pharmaceutical nor the government, one because was granted immunity by the second and the other because "EMERGENCY!"


Exactly, Geeky! As usual, you and I are on the same page.

I haven't gotten the fucking vaccine, and do not intend to, for precisely the reasons you mentioned. I also haven't gotten the damned Flu vaccination, either. When I was in the Corps, I got shots and juices for all kinds of viruses and diseases.

That was plenty, I can tell you. *laughing*

Nowadays, I just work through the Flu or Bronchitis, which is usually what I end up getting, because yeah, I have permanently weakened lungs from getting severe Pneumonia...when I was in the Corps. I'm just not worried about the Flu, Bronchitis, or the China virus.

Semper Fidelis,


Well, I mean, if you're on the at risk population, meaning over 65 and with co-morbidity...

Else, fuck them in the *


Very nice set of Sci Fi Tables you have developed there, Geeky! Outstanding!

I'm not into Sci Fi games, unfortunately, otherwise I would gladly offer my assistance. Looks very good though, brother!

Semper Fidelis,


Thanks for your kind words.

So, anyone wants to help me add 20 more entries to the generator?

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