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I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Mildra, the Gaming Monk himself! Thank you Mildra for the opportunity!

You can find the interview here:

I will be launching a discord channel soon for the game where interested parties can drop by and chat! Thank you all for the positive feedback and critique!


Good evening all,

I would like to invite you all to take a gander, a look, critique, fully play and enjoy Void Empires : 2750 - a sci fi space opera style RPG.

Like many of you, I got into tabletop roleplaying games some time ago.  After many years of GMing and playing, I found myself play-testing, then contributing and finally even authoring on a major Mongoose Traveller 2e product.  At the conclusion of that positive experience, I realised that despite the amount of sci-fi RPGs out there, I (and my gaming crew) felt that something was missing.  We wanted something that combined many of the tropes, systems and customization we loved from what existed, into one neat system.

My goal was to create a tabletop rpg with a simple system that is however rich in customization when it comes to your character, your power armor, your vehicle, or your spacecraft.   3 years elapsed and I believe I'm in a good place to share the current version with you all.  A quick over view:

-Mostly built as a tool-kit to be used with any homebrew races, cultures or polities.
-Some areas are marked as unfinished.
-2d6 based, skill based game.
-Much placeholder "blank" art - my apologies, but this project is completely funded out of pocket and my illustration skills are non-existent.

Two links are provided below, the first being the core rules (personal scale), and the second being a rough draft/working copy of the space operations and spacecraft construction and such.

Core Rules:
Space Combat & Craft Customization:

I welcome all your critique, advice, notes on what you like and what you don't!  Feel free to provide them here or to email me at

Thanks and Enjoy!

Design, Development, and Gameplay / Void Empires : 2750 (Round 2 Beta)
« on: September 12, 2019, 06:32:13 PM »
Good day all,

I am developing a 2d6 based, mindseye (but trivially simply to play via miniatures if you so choose) space opera rpg. I am looking for a fresh sets of eyes to review, critique, play with their own groups, etc... This is an ongoing work of passion with a significant amount of work having been completed.

While it is intended to be cinematic - I am attempting to maintain "hardness" from an internal consistency perspective.

My Background:

Long time gamer, contributor, play tester and even longer-time as a GM :p

Most recent accolade would be as one of the core contributors to Mongoose 2e Traveller, in particular, credit as the "Naval Architect" in Mongoose Traveller:High Guard 2e. I am very thankful to Matt and the team for that opportunity. That same experience along with some motivation from my gaming group, convinced me to branch out and explore full creative freedom. I'm sure many of you may be familiar with constraints of working with an established system and final decision makers above you. Regardless, I am very happy I was able to contribute to my favourite setting/system at the time :)

Originally, this was going to be a project for internal use only among my gaming group. 200 pages later (with minimal illustrations as I'm funding this out of pocket), I believe it may deserve a chance to grow. As such, input from outside is always healthy!

High level overview:

Sci-fi. Space Opera, Closer to Babylon 5 rather than to Startrek. Set around 2750
Hard. Now some of you may disagree, but I prescribe to Hard as in internally consistent, not in any sort of homage to today's technology.
Complex but not Complicated. A ton of crunch should you want, and sound consistency behind the technology available - but you can ignore as much as you want and play simply and smoothly. Everything has customization rules and basic samples - from power-armour to spacecraft.
2d6 system used for all "tests". Attacks, skill rolls, etc - Other dice can be used for damage/effect – example a rifle that does 2d12, a psychic-blade polearm that does 4d8, etc etc
Players take on the role of any group they wish to, whether it is traders, to mercs, to a group of misfits, to military... Play on one world, or firefly/traveller style across many.
Cyber/Bio body modification. The basic stuff is widespread across all populations. The high end stuff is exponentially more difficult to obtain (cost and tech).
AGI & Trans-humanism - Artificial general intelligence has not been reached. No singularity. No functional cloning or transferring consciousness.
FTL travel but not FTL comms. A jump takes a fixed amount of days with the distance varying based on the drive, after which exotic particles need to be shed, taking some time.
Humans, humanoids and aliens!
Habitable planets are rare - and the distances in between mean even the largest empires are more than 20+ habitable worlds.
Displacement Drive technology constraints near gravity wells - which means you dont have an anti-grav everything phenomena. Advanced mechs, vtols and other vehicles have their place in this universe.
Psionics exist, and as with everything else - consistency is key here to make it fit.
"Shields" exist. Hard Sci handwavium. This manifests as that magnetic/physical swarm/whatever that is suspended/generated to further protect a vehicle. This means you dont have people walking around with personal shields, but vehicles, power armour and the like do posses it.

3-parts to the 1 book:
Book 1 - Current Beta: Core rules and personal scale systems (up to and including power armour) - 159 pages.
Book 2: Vehicular scale and secondary systems (e.g. Racing, Trading, reusable templates for similar activities) - Under construction (Currently).
Book 3: Spacecraft scale and fleet combat - 25 pages (currently).

If you are interested in this project, please email me at

Much appreciated!

Quote from: Brand55;1064602
For what it's worth, Angel + the magic system in Ghosts of Albion is the best way to do urban fantasy roleplaying, in my opinion. There are a handful of useful Qualities (such as Werewolf) in Buffy that don't appear in Angel, but they aren't necessary. You can actually use Angel to make werewolves and other supernatural templates to suit whatever urban fantasy world you're trying to create.

Both flavors of Unisystem are good. There's a Classic game called Armageddon that I love which is the Witchcraft setting dialed up to 11 billion, so that's something to keep in mind if you ever want to try your hand at really high-powered gaming, too. But in general I think Cinematic is just a bit easier and more fluid than Classic at the table.

Thanks - over the past few days I've been leaning towards this decision.

Quick question - I see that there is a fan-pdf that... by the looks of it, combined Buffy/Angel qualities and the like into one aggregate? Anyone do this afterwards with Ghosts of Albion? :)

I guess I had been influenced by my bias against Buffy/Angel TV shows to pay these RPGs much attention, but I'm now finally catching up on how this system probably does Supernatural/Modern Urban Horror+magic pretty well.

I wanted some clarity around Witchcraft vs Buffy/Angel/Ghosts of Albion/Etc together.  I see that Witchcraft pretty much has a pretty good coverage of the genre (you can play pretty much anything, from werewolf to vampire to mage etc etc).

However, I see a lot more love/kudos for Ghosts of Albion/Buffy/Angel magic systems.

Can someone more versed basically break down for me which system or set of books I should be using? I'm looking to basically run a non-whitewolf whitewolf or Dresden files mixed group in a modern urban setting. So here is what is important:

Many options for different character types (and significant variance - not just many different mages, but whether it is vampire, werewolf, ghost, fae, etc)
Good Crunch
Balance isn't upended after getting a bit of xp

Good morning all,

For the last couple of years, I have been developing a rather crunchy, 2d6 based, sci-fi space opera game. A significant amount of time has went into this development process, and testing among a few colleagues and my tabletop gaming group. None of this is pertinent to the question.

I am interested now however in further and wider feedback for the game. Whether this becomes an actual commercial project (through a kickstarter) or remains my freely distributed work of passion, is still up in the air.

The question that I have is, should I distribute this project or even make it available for that sort of feedback?  The reason behind this question, is that approximately 50-75% of the art in this project is not licensed or paid for.  25-250% is (whether through purchased stock art or actual engagements with artists to create the specific piece). Obviously this will not be situation should I decide to publish this product.

Excuse my ignorance on the legality of whether you can simply leverage images from pinterest, google images and so on for personal projects. I just am generally a very visual person, and the use of these images was critical in driving me to complete this project.

Looking forward to your feedback and thanks,

Evening All,

Could you recommend how could I run this setting for a group as a tabletop RPG?

If I can prioritize my list of requirements:

Fairly Crunchy
Multiple themed magic (so basically wizards, druids and norse magic)
Multiple Melee options for melee oriented characters
Not necessarily as Monty Haul as D&D but magic items shouldn't be too rare

I'm open to any and all methods of doing this. Including of course a fairly generic system approach but with recommendation of which supplements.

To be honest, I'm surprised there isn't a DAOC RPG out there already.


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