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So Jeff Goldblum is starring in one of those twitch/youtube "D&D"-themed improv-acting reality shows,

1) Not one of those "twitch/youtube" things. It's a podcast. That's an audio thing, not a video thing.
2) Only sorta D&D. It's a horror game. I think they kinda use D&D rules, but it's mostly improv horror with heavy editing and soundscapes. I don't even think they mention rules or rolling much.

Yea, it sounds like they're having to dance around WOTC's licensing issues for certain monsters, etc.
Should be a fun listen if nothing else.

I still laugh when I think of Hulu and Netflix killing replays of the Community D&D episode, as the player enthusiastically being a Dark Drow was obviously too complicated for us simple viewers to comprehend.  Hurr durr.

I doubt the Paramount D&D film will have anything to do with the actual tabletop experience either.  Just branding.  I actually think making it more popular might remove the goofy fringe element that has built up around RPG's as WOTC only sees dollar signs.

Probation periods, bureaucratic submission reviews, being part of the party long enough to be deemed worthy.
I get why the store is doing it but why would anyone want to go through all this to become a member of the NKVD&D?

They're going to offer an opportunity to buy the store's stuff at cost to work for them?  Sounds splendid comrade!

Need free space?  Use the library: it needs more patronage these days.

Pen and Paper Roleplaying Games (RPGs) Discussion / Re: Chinese RPGs?
« on: April 14, 2021, 12:07:35 PM »
Billions of people in China and not one RPG?  There must be something.

Maybe Mao didn't like the idea of his people 'wasting time' on trivial fancies, while Western culture's youth embraced it whole heartily.

Does seem surprising though.  Maybe it never took hold in the culture:  still, billions of people and no interest?  Seems bizarre. 

Games were better back when we didn't know or care who the designers were much less their personal life details.

Social media has warped many people's common sense so badly, I doubt the damage to society will ever be repairable.  It certainly hasn't helped the RPG hobby at all: just ends up with tribal mentality led by whomever shouts the loudest.

If people had the reserve to not feel compelled to publicly post private details of their lives, a lot of things would be a lot better.  Now every story is a drama for an empty theatre:  the actors on stage just don't realise it yet with the lights shining in their eyes.


My DTRPG order for the 1e set a while back all came in one box with no bubblewrap, packed together, so the ones on the outer got some dings on the edges.  Annoying but other than overpaying on EBay, no other choice.  On the plus side, there was a misprint on one page of the DMG and they refunded me he whole purchase on that one so good and bad.  Really wish they would use some better designed packing boxes.

Also Numenera being edgy?  Numenera?. I like Numenera. I actually have an on-off campaign of Numenera at my club.  But edgy it is not.  Numemnera is about as edgy as a beach ball. 

I almost burst out laughing when I read that.  Yea, any credibility in the article at that point sort of took a tailspin.

Yea, we had a few who were a bit over-excited in groups but that was probably largely in part as this was their brief opportunity to come out of any reclusive social shell they had built up.  Never encountered anything approaching the distasteful things mentioned that the 'community' is thankfully going to be protected against now.

A VTT can be quite useful if the integrated systems are done well.

Warhammer 4th Edition on Virtual Foundry and 2e D&D on Fantasy Grounds are fine examples of stellar integration of the gaming systems.  As far as I can tell, they are more passion projects.  It makes it very easy to sell a group of players on a new system if the VTT eases them into learning it.

At some point 5e will not be the latest:  I wonder if players moving on will look back on it with nostalgic fondness or indifference.  Probably the latter.
I personally doubt it will hold the same fascination that the TSR offerings have had over the years.

A sham would indicate that the issue does not exist.

Been in a discord game which has resulted in some of the best gaming I've had in a while.
Think I hit the roulette numbers on the DM and the players as everyone is engaged, shows up on time and we are all having a great time.  It's proving to be my highlight of the week.  During the pandemic, I prefer having the distance as I can have a beer and not worry about masks during the session.

Arguably, I feel having it online makes it easier for everyone to make the session and feel more at ease about the whole situation.  We had one of our players get hit with Covid but he seems to be doing ok.  If we were in an actual physical game group, we could not have continued.  Something to chew on.  As long as the enthusiasm of the group is there, as it is theatre of the mind, it really does not matter to me if the means are remote:  the game does not suffer.

My misgivings about WOTC's progress seems to have resulted in something positive after all so I guess that's something.

Ah, the name UA threw me off and I thought it was a product under actual development.  My mistake.  Appreciate the clarification.

Then I doubt I'll be seeing any real radical developments as I assume WOTC would keep those under wraps until they are in the process of making some big release or a new edition.

I would like to note that Tasha's Cauldron is basically 'the big book of Unearthed Arcana we liked and decided to stick into the game'.

Needed more polearms.


So this Unearthed Arcana 5e that seems to be happening, is there more to it than just creating new humanoid races?
Was just reading the latest playtest release:

Is there some specific world that is being developed to house all these variations?  Yay, a rabbit, hobgoblin option and other wildlife assortments. Whoopee.  Why not just make set rules for converting the MM creatures for player character use and be done with it?  My dream of playing an Ochre Jelly will be finally fulfilled.  Is every 'naughty' humanoid creature in the game eventually going to get a 'just misunderstood' variant?

Is there some inherent desire from the player base for all these character race options?  I'm just not hanging with the right RPG crowds I guess.  The days of a DM being able to roughly memorize what the player races are capable of seem pretty impossible now.

Maybe some interesting rule changes are coming but if Tasha's is any indication, I'll just stick with the 3 original books as I'm not seeing anything really groundbreaking happening here, which is kind of sad for what is arguably the most influential RPG system on the market.  Meh.

Seems after the 5e core, they started to run out of steam and are just releasing whatever now.
C'mon WOTC, let's see something really new and exciting, rather than throwing stats on the cutesy animal of the month please?

It will be interesting to see if people on a mass scale, are willing to re-buy '5e:re-imagined' when most already own the books.  Woke reaction perhaps, but I think your average gamer will not be too enthusiastic to buy it again.
They can call for purges all they want but there is a huge catalogue of 5e stuff WOTC will still want to keep viable.  Once they move into 6e, they'll put 5e into stasis.  I can't see them trying to kill of a big success for them.
I wonder if they'll stick a warning on 5e like the older TSR stuff and call it a day (cause y'know, profit is profit).  Wouldn't that be ironic?
<edit: thoughts>

Does this mean 5e, despite some of its flaws, may truly be the last version of D&D that didn't go completely off the rails, despite WOTC's best efforts?

Maybe 6e will be a solution of sorts:  It will give the crowd that wants all the inclusivity elements, non-binary cultures, etc. that they desire and 5e will still have a following that prefer to not include everything and the kitchen sink: with all the extra bits that have built up around it, I doubt it is fading into the sunset anytime soon.

So both groups will be happy as they now have their own edition?
6e gets to continue exploring their woke sensibilities and WOTC stops releasing more goofy stuff for 5e to 'bring it up to modern cultural standards' as they focus on the new edition.

Everyone kind of wins?

While I would prefer that people steer towards the earlier editions on a grand scale, that is more of a pipe dream than anything.  I can live with 5e as unless 6e mechanics are some groundbreaking thinking that deserves merit, I feel it is going to be nothing more than a woke calling card for WOTC.

Perhaps giving people like Price and her like-minded associates 6e to run with it, will prove some point about where the real market lies with D&D and Hasbro's profit, rather than relying on the misdirection of Twitter bait.

6e will be great for one thing at least:  it will move the attention of a lot of players who are more concerned with the social guise of D&D, rather than the game itself onto the new shiny and give 5e a bit of breathing room.

<edit: sp, thoughts>

For anyone that might be interested heres a set of rules that blends 5th edition and AD&D 1st edition very elegantly.

The PDFs are all listed here and free to download.
Yea, they are a pretty good mix and worth a look.  I used to think it was actually the other Chris Perkins who wrote it.  heh

For just browsing and reading like a book for fun, 1e set hands down.

As a player with Covid-restricted online play, have to admit that currently playing in a 5e game with the automated D&D Beyond sheet and dice has been really handy and makes the game flow well.  Takes away a lot of the ambiguity for players as we can access the reference for every little thing on our sheet to clarify with the DM.

I have OSE and love the B/X but it's more as a keepsake so my kids can see what it was like.  Also like to refer to it for the little things missing in 5e for dungeon crawling, etc.

For running a game, current feel is D&D 5e SRD, coupled with the Cubicle 7 Adventures in Middle Earth third-party stuff is a nice blend: it sets a particular setting, limits the races and it all makes sense.  With all the extra WOTC crud kept in check and a few house rule limits on resting, it works quite well.  If you run the game, you call the shots and can avoid all the 5e bloat, making it work pretty well.

1e PH, DMG, MM and Fiend Folio.  Lent to a friend to read over the summer.  He decided to take them while backpacking in Europe to game with and 'lost' them.  Blame myself for being too trusting, assuming that friends would recognise the value they had for me.
Problem is, what's precious to us is just some curiosity or lark for others.
If my friends want to borrow now, they get the pdf, never the print.  Trust no one.

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