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My question is twofold
1) When will this end. If anime is so bad, then shouldn't any reference to anime rpg's also be banned?
2) Given similar problematic themes (ie rape) also occurs in other genres, for example superhero comics, shouldn't discussion of superheroes (and therefore superhero rpgs) also fall under a ban? Will you be able to discuss rpgs at that site anytime soon?

TJS nailed something here.

Setting doesn't matter because the setting and the GM exist ONLY for player wish fulfillment. They gather round the table and the GM jerks them off while they imagine the amazing adventures of their Cyborg Pigeon six-shooting its way through Rome.

They're called Adventure Paths for a reason.

Now I'm confused. I thought the point/argument was that you couldn't play a Cyborg Pigeon unless you were one.  So I'll just remove that section from your post to leave
They gather round the table and the GM jerks them off while they imagine the amazingadventures of their Cyborg Pigeon six-shooting its way through Rome.

Now I understand what the problem is.....

I honestly don't know how we discuss this topic in the Main Forum without violating RPGPundit's rules regarding politics on the main page.

My 2 cents? Fuck those fucking fuckheads.

Am I really supposed to play a WHITE DUDE in L5R? Rifts Japan? Rifts Africa? What about my Rifts South America game? No more Latino characters for non-Latino players?

Yet again, more reasons to never let a SJW near your table.

In this particular instance I’m not understanding how this should be filed under political? A group of players already arguing that you shouldn’t play a particular race etc unless you are that race. As you yourself point out following this theory leads to the conclusion that a number of RPGs become unplayable. To me it’s like the old DND version wars where you shouldn’t be playing version ‘x’

Thomas Mann felt "Everything is Political", and it sure seems like 2020 has been that way.

I’ll blame them and their thinking for a lot of things, but I really can’t lay Covid-19 at the SJW’s door.  :)

Titanic Thompson said it well: "Suckers got no business with their money."

Thanks for that... :) :) ;D

One possibility I've thought about is contacting the owners of REH rights, rather than Mophidius itself. Quite frankly I'm fine with the license being pulled from Mophidius if this is what's going to happen. At this stage I'm struggling to work out what direct effect on sales of Conan books/licenses would come about from these actions by Mophidius apart from nebulous warnings of indirect SJW creep.

Comics would seem to be a primary example, but this came about from choices made directly by those companies, rather than the actions of other allied entities as it were.

Can anyone provide better examples of what I'm talking about, or am I barking up the wrong tree?

Tons of KS backers are demanding refunds, including me.  I spent over $1,000 on this game at the Mount Yishma highest pledge level. 

I told them "At this point I think I'd like a refund of the $1,000 I spent on backing this bait and switch scam of a Kickstarter and sham of a game.  I paid for the tagline of being authentic to REH and the original Conan stories and you have now breached my trust.  I do not want SJW virtue-signaling and soy boy politics in my Conan game.  Leave your politics out of gaming products."

There are tons of people pissed off in the comments for the backers and many are demanding refunds.

Can you keep up updated as to your progress on this please. I only backed at a base level for the pdf's, but did so in part to use the Mophidius edition for reference (and probably play with a non 2d20 system). But if their authenticity is going out the door then I worry that other things will be retro'd into the other pdfs.

If you don't like the product, then don't buy it. Simple as that.

I'm perfectly happy with my collection of OGL Conan.

Yes but what about the people that supported the Kickstarter before it decided to do this?

Are we meant to say ‘Hey this isn’t what we signed up for, give us a refund’?

I've just checked this up because I thought 'martial arts' meant something different (ie had a far broader application).

The following is quoted from wikipedia.
Martial arts are codified systems and traditions of combat practiced for a number of reasons such as self-defense; military and law enforcement applications; competition; physical, mental, and spiritual development; entertainment; and the preservation of a nation's intangible cultural heritage.[1]

Although the term martial art has become associated with the fighting arts of East Asia it originally referred to the combat systems of Europe as early as the 1550s. The term is derived from Latin and means "arts of Mars", the Roman god of war.[2]

Now I must admit I don't consider wikipedia to be the most accurate source of information, but even they confirm my previous understanding of martial arts to mean any form of combat (including greco-roman wrestling)

So basically we now need to use alternate terms because of the (possible) reader's ignorance!

Because a disproportionate number of people in this field fit that definition when compared to other fields, and it's worth inquiring as to why that is.
Do you mean on the low or high side? I ask because we seem to be doing a poor job of identifying that many.

Now I can understand that earlier generations would have been less likely to identify as such (greater social pressure to conform) and maintain a presence in the hobby (and therefore be more likely to be able to be identified). Jaquays is one of the few from the very old school that I know of. Certainly in the past five years the number of LBGTQI authors seems to have increased, but is that because they are 'branding' themselves as such to increase their attraction?

What is even more ironic that the so called SJWs of the forum are conspicuously silent on the issue.

We are true Fascists for mocking Evil Hats latest rpg for including a Woke and SJW manifesto yet somehow the forums that behaves in a truly spectacularly Fascist is given a free pass on bad behavior. When faces with true repression and regression because it goes against their carefully constructed personal narratives lack the stones to actual do anything.

As I said before: Rolling rolling keep them Narratives rolling RAWHIDE!

Well of course the SJW’s are silent, if they said anything they’d get banned :)

I’m not too sure why you feel that they’re given a free pass, I’ve always felt that they’re used as the SJW gold standard here but I’m quite happy to be corrected. Alternately it could be because people here now consider Evil Hat to be more influential than

Who cares about the values of the company that created said item?

A number of people frequenting this forum apparently. :)

I mean how does it hurt anyone that another company's values creates such a game?

Funny I always felt that bigots (ie Evil Hat and their exclusionary thinking) shouldn't be encouraged, perhaps you feel differently.

Aggressiveness towards an RPG just because it caters to LGBTQ ideals is a pretty obvious clue.

Good, something we can probably agree on.

Fortunately if I look at what people have posted, a large number of the posters here aren't aggressive towards the rpg's existence.

What they do object to is the espoused values of the company creating said item!

Why is this an issue?

I’ve thought about this for a bit, as I’ve been surprised how riled certain elements of the Kickstarter have made me. For me personally, when I started in this hobby I was the geek or whatever, and really enjoyed finding a hobby where I felt I belonged.

40 years on and someone’s trying to exclude me.

Edited to add: it’s not my decision anymore that no this product doesn’t interest me, it’s no we don’t want you.

I guess this project begs one question : Why is it necessary?
Can't anyone just homebrew any setting?

Will challenge this statement a bit. If it's done correctly it makes that type of game easier.
By your base argument Ebberon, Forgotten Realms, Chivalry & Sorcery, Runequest etc. are all possible using OD&D.

I'm starting to wonder if many of the people getting into roleplaying are getting into something really not form them. There is no room for dictators who tell other groups how to play. Just encourage people to play and have fun. If you feel a compulsion to dictate and meddle in the fun of others maybe roleplaying is not the right hobby.

I find this observation a lot more interesting. What's happened to the base premise that anyone can play? This group/movement seems to have become far more militant/demanding in recent times. Not a good look for RPGing in general.

Am wondering how Evil Hat's apparent strategy of focussing on a particular segment of the gaming market will play out. Is that segment big enough to sustain it, or will its association with that market mean a drop in revenue from other lines. ie is Fate Core to become or already its generic LGBTQI RPG?

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