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Quote from: Anthony Pacheco;1146745
These are great!

Thanks man!

Quote from: Ratman_tf;1146573
Ignore their crap and run your campaign however you want.
If WOTC wants to make themselves irrelevant, that's their business decision.

My mantra also...

Make the games you want to play. Sod everyone else... It's got nout' to do with them.

Quote from: Spinachcat;1146631
Nice work - great use of black & white. Are you selling your stuff on DriveThruRPG?

My only suggestion is almost all the art on DriveThru is portraits of single figures. Definitely a lack of images where various figures are interacting.

Thanks mate, much appreciated. :) I'm selling a few up there on Drivthru under postmortem studios (Grim Jim's company). I'm hoping to get a lot more up there in the future. He's commissioning me to do some at the moment.

I know what you mean, there's far too many single characters. Thanks for the advice! I'll try and get more character interaction up there.

Quote from: Gagarth;1146640
What Does a TTRPG Sensitivity Reader Do?

If you were to listen to one of these so-called 'sensitivity readers' you'd end up with an rpg about two pages long. Imagine one of these schmucks around for Tolkien's era.

Make the game YOU want to make, and if you make a mistake you can apologize afterwards.

Plus, even if you were inclined to be 'overly' politically correct. You could find out all the info on the net, or drop a few questions on TBP or some such place. But paying someone just seems like a ludicrous thing to do. Incidentally, it's funny how all these sensitivity readers are always looking for donations on paypal or have a patreon. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ imo

Well, it really depends on how the society views slavery at that time. It might seem a perfectly respectable thing to do. In fact, you could even be seen as laudable and doing the heathens somewhat of a favor. Also, if they are not viewed as equals or even human, that gives the owner's even more of an excuse to be nasty and try to keep them as livestock, disposable assets.

Of course, we are talking about fictional D&D here, and not anything to do with real world where slavery which is abhorrent.

Quote from: Ghostmaker;1146222
That's the megaphone effect of social media. It LOOKS like thousands of people are supporting them when in reality it's a bare handful.

Yeah mate, it was the same with the whole Oriental adventures debacle. A few posts from a single muppet and Wotc go all Chernobyl. It's pathetic... Because once it starts, who know where it will stop. That's the main reason I don't touch any of their products.

Quote from: Spinachcat;1146208
If just one person complains on Twatter, WotC will "fix" the book and give you the chance to buy it twice!

Yeah, that's very true...

What really pisses me off, is that it's usually literally one or two gimps as you said, and the corporates go into armageddon mode. Stupid fucks!

With magic/tech you can fix anything.

Wheel chairs are not all that much of a problem in a hi-tech (or a supers) environment. Or in a game like Numenera, where you could easily have some kind of 'mini-disk' to fly around on, like the Mekon. Elric used potions to fix his physical weakness.

There's a bazillion workarounds... It just depends on how you want the character to be adapted. Not wanting to fix (even temporarily) a disability seems odd to me, especially in an RPG.

As I was saying.

I wrote to DT complaining over this 'ban'. I basically heard nothing back, so I've sent them another mail. I'll keep you chaps informed should I get a response.

Quote from: SHARK;1146066
I don't care about *DareDevil*. I don't have crazy, superhero characters typically in my games.

This... I mean, what has Dare Devil a super, got to do with a fantasy D&D? I've not read DD for years, but to my recollection he was far superior to someone with sight when in came to hand to hand combat.

I think it's really up to the GM's style along with the groups. If you want to make your blind character, effectively a superhero, then just customize your game. Simple as that... I'll just leave those shenanigans out of my game.

One thing I'd also say (and I know very little about 5e's lore). But the Curse of the Strahd (or whatever the fuck it's called). Now will have a NPC where she no longer hides her disability or something?  Retro fixing a scenario is just so fucking corporate. Also, why change that about the character? That's her personal view of 'her' disability (for good or ill). What if someone, who's disabled, relates to that? So their story is not taken into consideration? So no psychological nuances then?

This is why I firmly stick to the OSR or WFRP (early editions). I hate all this playground politics and corporate lick asses that couldn't care less in reality.

Quote from: jhkim;1146060
I as GM can adjust character balance to balance things out.

That's true... But personally, if I've written a scenario about say a haunted village at the top of a frozen mountain. I'm not going to change the fabric of the story to accommodate a wheelchair.

I'd would suggest to the player to play a character that is able to traverse and survive in such a hostile environment.

Hate to say it... But I'm quite happy to avoid 'very' disabled characters in game. I just don't want the hassles of lugging someone around, or something that breaks my immersion or even fun for my players. Bear in mind however, that I'd never play a high fantasy setting, so a magical artifact wheelchair is a ridiculous concept. Sure, do it for a wacky setting like in D&D that's fair enough.

For low level stuff... I'm fine with a character who loses an eye, hand or even has to use a peg leg. But there will be consequences. Of course we've been doing this as I said before with WFRP for years.

Dare Devil and shit won't fly in my games either as that's a bit too 'superhuman'.

On the other hand I'm very happy to accommodate a disabled player, but I may not allow them play a paraplegic or something that could disrupt the gaming experience for the group.

I've seen a lot of SJW's say stuff like.... 'But this adds rich character detail to your characters and games'. That and their 'really interesting' morally ambiguous Orcs. EEEEvil Orcs are boring apparently. SJWs can go play with quadriplegic unicorns and best of luck to them!

Sorry, but I'm quite happy having boring games, in that case. Go me!

More adventures like 'Shadows over Bogunhaffen'. Evocative urban adventures.

Exploration in interesting locations with a good adventure thrown in. Jungles, islands, swamps, etc. No hexcrawls per sel as they feel too random for my tastes.

Quote from: Stephen Tannhauser;1145707
To look at the other side of it, I can imagine somebody with an impairment in real life starting to find it really painful playing characters who don't share it. Sometimes forgetting one's problems temporarily only makes having to remember them again all the worse.  It's not unreasonable to try to find a middle road where you can still play a game you love with your friends without setting yourself up for that.

This too makes sense, but again, on the other hand, if a game isn't fun for everybody in the group then it's failing somewhere. The individual has a right to object if the rest of the group is doing something that's screwing things up for him too.

Of course, leaving groups to work all this out for themselves used to be a perfectly valid option. Trying to preach moral or sociopolitical standards for it in an attempt to sell a new kind of product is an altogether dodgier approach.

The middle ground is found by saying, sure you can play a crippled character buuuut you're mobility is limited. A person who wishes to play a cripple should also be willing to make some sacrifices to the group and not be a dick either.

On the group side of things... It really depends on who they are. It's my role as a GM to make sure everyone is enjoying the game (myself included). The guys I generally play with are all pretty cool. So, you'd not get any one person screwing the group dynamic up. If an interloper came along and wanted to play something silly, and that could screw the game up, I would not allow it. And I'd be fine if they wanted to play somewhere else or called me a prick. I'm not trying to be deliberately mean... But I just want to play with people who are on the same level so-to-speak.

Lastly, and this is a definite sticking point for me. And one that I wouldn't move on personally... In a high-fantasy 5e setting you could get a floating magical chair thingey. But not in a low-magic or gritty setting. So, at the end of the day, if you do get a chair in that type of setting you're screwed, when it comes to going down stairs or into a small cave, tomb or whatever. Then it's up to the players, do you want to carry 300lb Bulbo the Barbarian, or leave him there at the entrance as a guard? Up to them...

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