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Pen and Paper Roleplaying Games (RPGs) Discussion / Re: The State of OSR
« on: October 04, 2020, 07:22:24 PM »
Does Sine Publishing count as OSR?

If so I feel like they are the gosh darn best at it. To me at least, its a best of both worlds type deal.

I like broadening it out to massive consumption, where as greed text to collect collect collect in want it all, gluttony will burn through horses lovers drugs wine and always be looking for the next shiny like a spoiled rich kid on a shopping trip.

Long-lived selfish and short-sighted... maybe some kind of half dragon?

Possible idea.

As for lust: Lust isn't necacarily sexual. Its all about the feeling of thinking about what you shouldn't have. Its about temptation and to a certain extent knowing what you want is wrong. Its not even so much so about the indulgence (which is gluttony).

Greed is about hoarding and not giving away, Envy is about hating that others have more than you, Gluttony is about overindulgence, Wrath is about living in hate, Pride is not willing to admit what your doing is wrong, Sloth is indolence.

Lust is like the desire to do bad things.

I feel Gluttony is often overused as purely a 'Food' thing. This is a sin about overindulgence in sensory stimuli.

You could make him a mind mage that makes tons of different 'Drug' mind based enchantment effects. That make you feel anything from pleasure, to joy, to sadness.

Just an idea to bring around some veriety from the standard 'Gluttony is about consumption so necromancy'

You don't want to open up your game to certain concepts? Great! I am entirely within my rights to go elsewhere to find something that suits my current tastes without intruding on your fun.

But thats not what your opening statement was. It was 'Well there COULD be a explanation for Skaven to be X way so why are they not that way! I find this degrading to male sexuality!"

Whats all this about status qou? About me needing a reason to even defend this idea? After demanding justification from everybody else, now suddenly demanding the same from you is too far?

I'd go play Scarred Lands instead because it doesn't disallow playing ratwomen.

Why is playing Ratwomen important? And what makes you need to have the option to play ratwomen (for a race you don't even care about) important? Is a product flawed in your eyes unless it validates every persons sexuality? Is there a logical limit?

Also you dodged my question. So where you arguing in bad faith, or insisting that sexual relations MUST be the dominant force in a story element if its allowed to exist?

I feel you are arguing in favor of maintaining the status quo for its own sake.
Again the whole world is on its backfoot because you don't like something, and think what YOU like is better. All the rest of your arguments are utterly and completly insignificant because you argue from a position that your taste is the BEST and everything else should hula dance to suit you.

Your walking into a restaraunt that you admit you don't care about, and ask:
"Why do you serve peanuts here? Don't you know there are people allergic? You primarily serve seafood, so you not having peanuts shouldn't matter to you. And if you want to keep the peanuts around then your just arguing for the sake of the status qou"

What if the Skeven being sexist or the nature of their brood pods WAS integral to their lore? Would you then suddenly retract that argument? If the answer is 'No' then your arguing from a disengenous position. If its 'Yes' then your arguing that sexism should only be allowed to exist if the central plot element.

What I mean is, why even mention that all the females are reduced to slavering broodmares?

....Why not? Again your talking like somebody in a position to make demands. I feel your arguing in bad faith.

Here's a thought experiment. What if the roles were reversed? What if skaven were feminazis who used males as only lobotomized brood studs? Do you think that would alter their appeal among male players?

Yes. Again Drow Exist: No complaints from male players for......decades?

I also agree that 'Male oppressor' races are boring, but Skaven are not really that. The nature of their females matters very little to their identity as largely hateful, frightful little nothings that want to eat everything else because they hate everybody else slightly less then they hate each other. The nature of their women comes not from any patriarchy but more akin to 'magic' versions of cloning pods. Gender doesn't really exist to them.

Unlike say classic 'Enslaver' orcs or something that kidnap elven ladies to ravage or whatever, Skaven don't really have a space in their mind for sexual pleasure whatsoever. They are more like biological machines focused on consuming all rather than living beings.

They are furry versions of this:

Why is this the case?

Wrong question: Why is it a point of contention? Why is everybody else in the universe on the backfoot to your personal demands for how all fiction must be represented? When did you get into the position to start making demands? And what makes you qualified to do so?

The answer is people with too much time on their hands and are so deeply fragile that they cannot handle even theoretical elements they consider problematic.

Sweet. This sounds like a dream come true!

....Will there be an option to have spells function more like Psionics in SWN? I hate vanician magic in all its permutations.

I have largely never found a "community at large" that was "Gooderer" then other communities (outside of outright shit people like say a drug dealer community).

Advertising a community as "Welcoming" is just largely self serving. I don't think 5e has any community better or worse then any other really.

I don't understand the kind of attitude of a rpg community being welcome as being a bad thing. Would you rather the rpg community treated you like an asshole and a pariah.

I didn't say I said I wanted 'Unwelcoming'. But its a toss up between 'More In Depth Discussion and harsher critique' or 'Welcoming but more soft edged'.

I value the former. That's why I'm here. Also 'Welcoming' communities have a way to become very hostile if you touch their sacred cows.

...that has been made along this line since Nerzenjäger replied to Shrieking Banshee last page have been either a complete fallacy or completely irrelevant to what was actually said.

Err....I can stop if need be.

It's possible that even if 5E isn't someone's favorite edition or rule set, that the 5E gaming culture and opportunities are their favorite.  It's a pretty active and welcoming gaming community.  There isn't the same chance of early character death, as seen in AD&D; and there isn't the same dire need to acquire system mastery and focus upon optimization, as with 3.5 Edition.  5th Edition is the shallow end of the pool, with hand rails.  Some people are drawn to that.

Maybe. I find welcomingness overrated. Again my issue with 5e isn't its excess of bad, but lack of good. It feels to me like a modern art piece where everybody sees what they want in it, when its just a pair of glasses somebody left on the floor.


Just because so many people I assert I don't exist: 5e is my favourite edition of TSR/WotC D&D.

Didn't say you didn't exist. Just that there where not that many people that would call 5e their favorite edition.

Yes, it's just a bunch of guys who can't fathom that their favourite RPG is being ignored, while 5E is not only hugely popular, but also many, many, many people's favourite RPG.

I suppose fathoming it makes it more sad then provocative. I can believe that Star Trek: Into Darkness is many peoples most favorite element of Star Trek. And it was hugely successful (moreso then the rest of Star Trek). Didn't make it good.

And to your example: Yeah all editions of D&D have flaws Im not delusional. I find 5es main fault not its flaws but lack of good. I find it the least ambitious edition of D&D. So while I dislike PLAYING 4e more, I respect it more.

That kind of heightened popularity and accessibility makes gaming easier and more fun for everyone.
I don't really blame 5e for this, since I think it just got lucky with timing, but I don't necessarily value mass appeal.

The fact that a niche thing can get more popular by distilling (and supplanting) the original isn't really mind blowing. But Id rather have something be niche then supplanted. I have that feel with Star Trek for instance.

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