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Quote from: Mistwell;1141624
Kurt Busiek wrote a great graphic novel called The Wizard's Tale which included a type of creature called an Alchemite which served as both an assistant to the alchemist and a constant irritant causing all sorts of trouble. Here is a picture of some (art by David Wenzel):

I think they'd find alchemites!

There are many other great images from that book worth using in a game like this:

This is right up my alley, thank you posting this.

Quote from: VisionStorm;1141434
What if the alchemist (or perhaps his apprentice/servant) got engulfed by a symbiotic gelatinous cube, and the "final boss" is a gelatinous cube with spell casting ability? The bloated and mutated alchemist/mage is still stuck inside of the cube, with a bunch of components floating inside of it that get consumed every time he casts a spell. But his mind has been merged with the cube into a dual creature.

Very cool idea! Who doesn't love to see characters engulfed?

Loving the response, guys.

I was also thinking of riffing on "Rouges in the House", and having one of the Alchemist's servants still around to fuck the party up.

I never thought of U1, good idea. Great trap ideas, guys, thanks!

Next session my group will be exploring the ruins of a house built and once occupied by an alchemist.

Any ideas on what they might find there?

Potions and homonculi I got...any other ideas?

Quote from: grodog;1055415
Any particular styles/flavors of adventures you''re looking for, @Genly Ai?

Not really! My campaign is just your usual kitchen sink fantasy.

I have looked into the Vaults module previously mentioned, and do believe i will use it!
Gotta love that free price.

Any other big ones i'm missing out on?

Hey all,
As the title says i'm looking for modules to drop into my sandboxy campaign. Looking for more site-based stuff if possible. Preferably OSR rulesets, but am open to anything convertable.

Any favourites come to mind?

I'm really really looking forward to the release of Apes Victorious, the new Goblinoid Games release.

....but not for the Apes. My favorite Planet of the Apes movie was Beneath the Planet of Apes, specifically because of the psychic mutants living in their underground city. My only question is...what kind of adventures would pcs have if the game was set purely underground?

I'm looking to run a kind of Logan's Run mixed with BtPotA. What can you guys think of in terms of making the game just as exciting and challenging as an above ground game?

Well, just wanted to say that reading that review of Cults of Chaos has inspired buy both it and Dark Albion.
I know in the thread about Ken Hite's, "No setting is as fantastic as earth etc etc", there seemed to be a a lot of people gaming to try and get away from our own world but I feel there's nothing like a history that the players may have heard of before they start playing the game to make it easier to "grasp" the setting.

Could just be me however.....

Anyways, very excited to use Cults in either a pseudo-historical setting or in a purely fantasy one!

Quote from: The Butcher;908023
I'm fairly sure you could, with a little work, but why would you?

Well I've been admiring the system and really enjoying the write ups of the enemy within campaign on Rpg Geek so I thought why not try it out?

That being said, I've never played Wfrp either so maybe I should check it out....

I'm loving these suggestions!
On a side note, does anyone think I could run the enemy within with Honor + Intrigue?

I am planning to use a modified Barbarians of Lemuria for it and looking at the reviews of the Wfrp campaigns posted, I'm thinking of trying to run one using BoL.

Hopefully it works!

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