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Uss eclipse


The year is 2389 and Task Force 1 of Ronin Fleet is located at the edge of the Alpha Quadrant in the Sautera System and pushing the bounds of the Federation. Do you want to discover new worlds? Meet exciting new species? Defend the Federation from certain doom?

The Sautera System consists of 7 planets...some of which are inhabited but only one is a member of the UFoP (3 Class M, 3 Class H, 1 Class K). The flagship of that task force is the USS Eclipse, a Dreadnought Galaxy class Starship attached to Starbase 55 in orbit over Neibos Prime. She is currently under the command of Vice-Admiral Chris Barks, Task Force commander. Whether you want to man the helm, strap on a fighter or deep into the black with the special operations Marines we have a place for you!

                                   Do you have what it takes?



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