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Author Topic: Third World  (Read 279 times)


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Third World
« on: February 24, 2011, 11:56:23 PM »
Orginal characters welcome, anything is welcome.

After years of threats and escalating tensions, the idea of W.M.Ds became more than a cowboy's pipe dream, nukes were launched from four different places on Earth's surface, all approximately 5 minutes apart. First Russia, then the U.S, then China, followed finally by Japan. After detonation 80% of the planets life and the human population was destroyed, the rest had been preloaded onto escape pods. People of royalty, renown, money, along with the planets most intelligent and most deadly were all scooped off to distant 'camps' intended to be long term living for the refugees. These cities become more like ghettos, places where humans are now practically forced to live. Only a few get out, and even then it's because they either met the right alien and moved up.... or met the wrong one and was bought as a slave. Money to the family for the sale of a member. This lead many parents to sell their children to feed the others, leaving so many orphans...

Current Time: 3014 A.D, 20 A.E.
Location: Somewhere on the Planet Titan
(Titan is much larger than Earth but have all the conditions of early prehistoric Earth)

A thick river runs along the human settlement of Murlain and eventually becomes part of a large lake via waterfall, this lake would be ideal for fishing and bathing for those in the city, however due to strict native rules the Titans' have banned humans to venture more than 20 yards outside of the city limits...

Alzia sighed, finally having slipped the guards and sliding down an embankment out of view. She brushed long strands of brown and red hair away from her face before grinning. She continued along through the forest gradually making her way down the the lake. Once there her icy blue eyes surveyed the area before slipping into view and beginning to undress.
Once she was in the nude she quickly dipped herself into the waters and began to wash up.
It felt amazing, it was the first fresh water she'd seen in months.