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Guest (Deleted):
This forum is for play by post games. Any questions, comments or concerns on this go in this thread. Consider this thread to be the meta of this forum.

Ok, the header hack is working now, sorta.  Don't try to use the inline editor on the post - it won't turn off when you click save.  You can use tags to create link areas, announcements and add to your game synopsis.  Quote this post by clicking "reply" on the user options to the right to see those tags. Note that these tags can be used elsewhere on the site but if you do this be warned - anything you put in these tags simply dissapears.

I have learned that the quick reply isn't working in this forum. Please be patient while a fix is found.
[synopsis]Game Setting: Changeling: The Dreaming
Game System: Storyteller 1st edition

Welcome to my sample synopsis.[/synopsis]
[announcement]Hey, take a look at this announcement.
Announcements are good for getting news to your players quickly without having them sort through the synopsis or the game description areas.[/announcement]
[links]And next come links. Again, this is freeform and you can use bbcode to put pretty much what you want here.
For example.
[*]Wizards of the Coast
[*]White Wolf

Maximum Fu:
Thanks to you Pooka for this. :)

Would this be the place to post announcements of such games, since the code thing is going to be different? Or should that go elsewhere?

I'm not announcing, I'm going to be looking for announcements.

Cool.  I'll drag Lucita over here and show her this.  :)

Cool, thanks.


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