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i'm interested


--- Quote from: willpax ---I'm interested in trying some PbP, and have never played or read the adventure in question. That said, given that I would be learning the ropes too, I'm happy to simply be a spectator for this one if others who know what they are doing are interested.
--- End quote ---

I can pretty much ditto this.

I have a lot of interest in starting my own one of these, so I am going to watching closely to get a better idea of what to do.

I think by watching someone else that is just starting out I can follow along better.

Maximum Fu:
Sorry guys, but I'm gonna put this on hold for a while.  I apologize if you got your hopes up for this.

i'm willing to be considered as an "alternate" if you can't find enough players.  i may not have the time to commit, but i will consider it.  :)


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