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The Burning Plague - Recruiting

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Name Lips:
Not wanting to play, but just making a suggestion. It's a publically available module. Many of us have read it, skimmed it, or played it.

Just sayin'. Nothing wrong with mixin' it up a bit. Keep 'em on their toes.


--- Quote from: Maximum Fu ---Sorry guys, but I'm gonna put this on hold for a while.  I apologize if you got your hopes up for this.
--- End quote ---

That's cool. I completely understand, which is why I only want to play. I'm not ready to commit the time it takes to run one myself.


Maximum Fu:

The temp hold has become a permanent hold/discontinuation.  I just got assigned to a three-month project and it is almost a certainty that I will not have internet access during that time.

As of tomorrow, I will probably be scarce.

Sorry folks.


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