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Author Topic: Star Trek Diligent: Exploring the Vast Expanse of the Delta Quadrant  (Read 7756 times)


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The Diligent is a Star Trek Play-by-Post RPG taking place in the Delta Quadrant operating out of Bravo Fleet's Task Force 38, known as the "Delta Exploration Initiative." Through collaborative writing we explore the farthest reaches of space.

Isolated after a furious melee with the Borg that left the fleet's one gateway home a floating pile of debris, the Diligent has been tasked with scouting the vast and unexplored Solaria Nebula. The nebula served as one of the last bastions of the Iconian empire, and with that lies hope that a new stable way home can be found, buried within the ancient ruins of the long dead empire. Following the narrow and treacherous Safe Passage into the expanse, the crew of the Diligent must face down scavengers, unexplored worlds, a loosed biological weapon, and a shining fleet on a crusade centuries old, all in the hopes of discovering a road back to the Alpha Quadrant.

Should they succeed, the Diligent will return to the Gradin Belt and the remnants of Starfleet's foothold in the quadrant. There the ship will begin a mission of peacemaking, building allies, and exploring the untouched regions of their far-flung new home.

Open Positions:
Executive Officer
Chief Flight Controller
Chief of Operations
Chief Tactical & Security Officer
Chief Engineer
Chief Intelligence Officer
Chief Science Officer
Chief Medical Officer
Ship's Counselor