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Author Topic: Recruiting: Battletech Mercenaries (Sci-fi, play-by-post)  (Read 988 times)


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Recruiting: Battletech Mercenaries (Sci-fi, play-by-post)
« on: August 09, 2022, 10:51:38 AM »
May 21st, 3052 was the day that the Clan Invasion was officially stopped.

With the valiant sacrifices of the ComGuard, the Treaty of Tukayyid went into effect: The Clan Invasion could move no closer to Terra for fifteen years. After four brutal years of war and slaughter, the Inner Sphere could breathe a sigh of relief.

But that was not the end of conflict. While the ComGuard had stopped the Clans, ComStar's failed Operation SCORPION still managed to cause chaos, even if it had failed to bring them the domination that they sought.

Old rivalries, set aside for the sake of the invasion, are back on the table. Refugees are fleeing throughout the Inner Sphere and Periphery. Mercenaries thought destroyed in the invasion return, desperate to rebuild their fortunes. Piracy is striking even into the hearts of the Great Houses.

Of course this just means there's more money to be made than ever before.

Battletech Mercenaries is a play-by-post and play-by-email roleplaying community, first established in 2003. Set in the Battletech Universe, we have an active, eager community to ease in new and veteran fans alike.

Battletech is a Mecha franchise launched in the 1980's. In it, Human space, known as the Inner Sphere, is ruled by five Great Houses, and combat of the 31st century is ruled by war machines known as Battlemechs. Mechwarriors are the elite warriors who pilot these weapons of war; most are modern Knights riding their nuclear steeds on behalf of their Feudal Lords. Others are Mercenaries, fighting for the highest bidder. Now, a new warrior has burst onto the scene: The genetically modified, warlike Clans, who have swept aside some of the most powerful States in the Inner Sphere.

While the Clans have still been stopped, the future of the Inner Sphere is less clear. It is up to the Mercenaries and Clan units to determine the future of the Battletech Galaxy, and shape the wars to come.

In BTM, Mercenary or Clan units will take Contracts from employers, which are months-long, collaborative roleplays which are submitted as transcripts - think like a collaborative fanfiction in a common Battletech Alternate Universe. When a contract is complete, the unit will be rewarded with C-Bills, Salvage, and Reputation, which they use to expand their ranks and take on better and more lucrative contracts.

Join either a Mercenary or Clan unit, and make history - and get paid doing it.