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Author Topic: [off-site] Recruiting for Star Wars Saga/Marvel Super Heroes  (Read 663 times)

Endless Flight

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[off-site] Recruiting for Star Wars Saga/Marvel Super Heroes
« on: February 11, 2009, 08:13:04 PM »
Hi Guys,

I found my way over here, and love the site.

I'm currently looking for players for two games I'm running on my little forum, located here.

The first game I'm running is a Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars game using the 1980s TSR system. The other game is a Clone Wars game using the Star Wars Saga system. I've given some detailed info below. I've been recruiting at several forums, and have a few players interested in each already. If you would like to be a part of either game, you can register on the site, and post in the Campaign Discussion threads in either/both forum(s).
Game Title: Secret Wars: What If?
System: TSR Marvel Super Heroes Advanced Set
Players Wanted: 5-6
Posting Rate: 1-2x a day
Special Rules: See below.
Advancement Rules: See below.

• I will be using the Advanced Set rules.
• I will award Karma at a faster rate (usually 2-3x), and will award Karma for weekly participation and role-playing.
• Players will use established characters, and any character that appeared in the Secret Wars is allowed.
• Continuity starts at 1984 in this game, so anything that happened after that in the Marvel Universe has no bearing on characters.
• Anything can happen! I'm interested in seeing a different result than the mini-series.
• I will be doing all the rolls, and will use a die-roller. I will use my own maps, most likely as well. I will post a map or two as an example if I can get enough players interested.
Game Title: The Clone Wars: Twilight Dawn
System: Star Wars Saga (using errata per Wizards of the Coast site)
Players Wanted: 4-5
Posting Rate: 1-2x a day
Special Rules: Players can use any material from Core Rulebook, Scum & Villainy, Clone Wars Campaign Guide, and Starships of the Galaxy
Advancement Rules: I will probably level the players every four-five weeks.

I've got an idea for a Star Wars Saga Clone Wars-era game. It would involve a group of heroes that are part of the Republic's Special Operations brigade, that handles missions where sheer firepower doesn't always work. The group would be handling the Outer Rim region where smaller skirmishes will take place.

The characters will all be at least level 4. Any character can be a Jedi padawan (like Ahsoka Tano), that will be in charge of commanding at least a squad (4) of clone troopers. The character must choose a Jedi Master who will be their teacher (I will NPC this person). I'm also looking for a character that will be the sergeant in charge of the clones (sort of like a Sergeant Rex type). If I have more than two players interested in playing clone troopers, that is OK. I think a droid character might be OK, as well as a scoundrel/techie type character.

I'd like the group to look something like this:

Jedi Padawan-Commander
Clone Sergeant
Clone Sergeant/Soldier
Clone Sergeant/Scoundrel
Droid/Jedi Padawan-Commander

Thanks for reading!

Endless Flight

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[off-site] Recruiting for Star Wars Saga/Marvel Super Heroes
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2009, 09:25:34 AM »
Update: The Star Wars game is filled, but I could use about two more players for the Secret Wars/Marvel game. If you are interested, please PM me here, or register on the site, and then send me a PM. The game is private, so I'll have to add you.