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Ottomsoh the Elderly:
I'm interested, too.

What do we know about the setting?

I'm interested, and second the notion of keeping to the core (not least because I never even got around to buying the 3.5 books).

There may be days when I won't be able to post (such as when on vacation), but I assume there will be some flexibility for those not-so-common situations, right?

Interested, want to hear more.

With this fine group of people, I have to thrown my hat in as well. . .

Though I am curious about 1) setting, and 2) the same issue willpax brought up.  There will be a few times a year when I won't absolutely be able to post everyday.

Cool! People!

I'll get in a little more depth on setting sometime tomorrow. I've got some rough background material that I need t dust off and tweak.

As for time away - there's a number of ways I think we could handle it. If multiple people are going to be out at the same time, we'l probably take a full break (for example, I think we'd do so for a few weeks around the holidays). If not, we'll handle that on a case by case basis.


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