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Ottomsoh the Elderly:
So... What's the holdup? :confused:


--- Quote from: Ottomsoh the Elderly ---So... What's the holdup? :confused:
--- End quote ---

60+ hour work weeks, the pre/post Easter holiday, and a general funk that I have no explanation/excuse for.

Sorry 'bout the delays - we'll fix it this week.

Ottomsoh the Elderly:
If you have 60-hour work weeks, you're all excused. It's just nice to have even just a little "sorry, can't update for now, overworked" message so that we know you're not dead and the game isn't aborted, merely delayed. :)

Well I am German and I have a lack of language, but I'd love to join a pbp game if possible :)

Ottomsoh the Elderly:
:emot-sigh: :gloomy: :imsorry:  :(


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