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Author Topic: The Threshold Dweller [Kickstarter - RPG/Adventure/Dark Fantasy game by Anima Mu  (Read 1512 times)


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Hi! I am the lead designer - world creator in Anima Mundi Softworks. We have publish a kickstarter to our game "The Threshold Dweller".

In short words, it's a Dark Fantasy Open World RPG with colourful quests, adventures, real-time combat and lots of exploration. If you like the soul of the classic rpgs this game is for you! We want to show that games like the Ultima series, Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Arx Fatalis, Legend of Zelda, and like more modern ones as Stardew Valley can still be made and improve.

(We have a video and pictures, also a vast description of its mechanics).
We launched a kickstarter so we can raise our budget to buy better assets and deliver a better product.
Here is the link, hope you enjoy what we promise, and if you like it we will be very grateful if you share.