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Title: [OoC] Haven Help Us!
Post by: Spike on August 20, 2012, 07:54:42 AM
This is the Out of Character thread for the Haven Help Us D&D campaign, where any player side bar discussions, dice rolling and game rule stuff will happen.

Characters can be posted in the recruitment thread, and In Character posts will go in the IC thread.

Title: [OoC] Haven Help Us!
Post by: Spike on August 20, 2012, 08:11:45 AM
To clarify with a bit drier description:

Xanth, the Savannah elf sorcereress has arrived in Paravail, following the flow of the river south.  The dock are on the southern side of the city, where the river flows into the sea, and as the river passes through the city she has had a chance to see much of the heart of Paravail.

the City itself is surrounded by a massive stone wall of dwarven construction, thirty feet high, and there are three massive pyrmidal shapes of the same dun colored stone that are large enough to engulf the wall nearby that dominate the skyline. The barge passed through a low stone lined channel under several arching bridges connecting each half of the city.

Out at sea, where the great wooden dock thrust away from the city, there is enough space beneath them to accomodate a variety of ramshackle buildings on what land can be found, or built out of otherwise wrecked boats and half sunken wreckage.  Above them are the large wooden warehouses that merchants use to store their goods.

The city lies to the north.