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OOC Pathfinder Throne Of Night Campaign

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You know what? I'm still interested in doing this. Let's do this! I will start up an in character thread and an out of character thread and start this as a solo game until other people join. Just because you talk to yourself doesn't mean your crazy. Its just a really good indicator.

Tried to switch to the Pathfinder 1st ed rules but I forgot how complicated they are so I'm switching back to D&D 5e

So to make things interesting for me I'm going to use as many random rolls as I can to generate encounters and random events. I will also be keeping track of food and water supplies for the expedition and once we get into the Kingdom building side of things start using the Ultimate Kingdom rulebook by Legendary Games.  So each in game post now will have a random encounter roll and keep track of food, water and morale for the expedition. I will have to look up those rules though.

I'm still down with this. Sounds great, whatever system is used. The system should be the one you're best to run, the setting is one that really interests me.

@jestor you're in!

Its going to be slow going due to life coming at me fast but I will try to post as often as I can, which will be as often as I can rememberandfind time to post.  What kind of character do you want to play? In fact you can create a couple of them and just play the one you most feel like.  You can just post up the character in here, I'm using to generate characters but you can use whatever you like.

We are using 5e rules but that's mainly because I'm most familiar with them, and they are fairly simple.

I will finish up this combat now and then you can jump into the game.  Come up with an intro you think is cool and we will go from there.


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