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Okay... I am LOOKING for a game to join.

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Things I have the books for: Pathfinder 2e.
I am willing to run "the fall of Plaguestone".

I've only ever GM'd for teenagers, so not sure I am your guy to run a proper campaign. I'm happy to join in as a player as needed since I appear to meet your other qualifications.

I remember the onset of political correctness. I was passing through high school at the time. My history instructor objected to my use of the word "fat" in describing a bloated Uncle Sam in a political cartoon. She told me the proper term was "well-fed." I still don't get the logic. People should try to avoid being offensive, sure, but people should also try to not be offended. It's just one of those things. That's my opinion, at least.

I won't argue about language: fat is fat. if the word "Fat" is offensive, why would banning the words use make "Big boned" any better?
"Big boned" would just become the new "FAT", and the cycle of word-banning/thought police just keeps going...
...Double minus ungood, for those who live by the banning sword.

Hey, people can use whatever words they want. I just wish they weren't so focused on coercing me into using their same word patterns.

I wonder what kind of a game we could develop using the fight against political correctness as the theme. :) I actually just got an idea, but it's a bit science fictiony.

Okay, we are two. likely one GM and one Player. we need more players.
let us revisit the advertisement and create a new one.

Title: The Fall of Plaguestone (*a published adventure)
System: Pathfinder 2E
Platform: Pathfinder 2e Nexus
Availability: Minimum of FOUR players
Time: I am in ARIZONA USA, -8 GMT
Tone: Role playing.
Hook: You are fleeing the destruction of last wall.

You will need a "Fantasy character" which is an IDEALIZED version of yourself. (*no monster ancestries, stay core rules and "Common" where possible) ability scores: assign the following to your stats and modify by ancestry: 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11.
all characters get a bonus general feat at first level.
The free archetype rule is in place. yay! "Free archetype".
If your character is really weird/alien, it will be rejected.

Game information can be found here: The Archives of Nethys
If you want more details you need to buy the pathfinder 2e books.


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