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Author Topic: OFF SITE: Post Apocalypse Underground  (Read 265 times)


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OFF SITE: Post Apocalypse Underground
« on: January 11, 2012, 03:20:25 PM »
Deep below the earth are eight expansive underground living units, connecting to one central hub. Each unit has ten private living chambers, a large communal shower and restroom, a kitchen and food storage area, a garden, a storage room, and a large common room. They are designed to support approximately 25 people comfortably or 30 if they ration their supplies appropriately.

The lving unit you are in, purchased by billionaire tychoon James Carnegei, has 38 people living within. The persons in the bunkers include members of the Carnegie family, the Kingstons, and the Beckinghams. Carnegie invited the family of his closest friends (the Kingstons) and his wife invited the family of her closest friends (the Beckinghams). There are sixteen Carnegie's (included James and his wife Eleanor), twelve Beckinghams, and ten Kingstons.

You will create your character as a member of one of the three families. You may not play as James or Eleanor Carnegie, or the matriarch/patriarch of the Kingstons or Beckinghams.

Game will include social tensions and sort-of-political intrigue. Also to include conflict, mind puzzles, and adventure. Looking for people who can role play, preferably those who can string a few words into a sentence and weave those together into a paragraph.

All interested parties welcome.

Click here to play the Post Apocalypse Underground RPG.
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