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Author Topic: (Off Site) Immortal: No Angel (Seeking Lots of New Players)  (Read 493 times)


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The province of Imôtl has been awakened and all the life within it is booming. A time of which kings and queens, Gods and Goddesses have allowed all life to flourish in the best way they could possibly muster. Many strangers have come through these parts from various points of the world, and the Otherworld. The portal which once separated the Earth world from Glëndir has been reopened. Humans from Earth, called Wellans, have found their way in, escaping the horror and deserted wastelands of their precious Earth. After dozens of men and women found their way through, the portal was forcibly closed. Or so it was presumed. To top it all off, the gates of Vathôr are spewing malicious creatures of daemon descent, and there are no guardian angels to aid in this mess. It's all about survival here in Imôtl. Where will you be found?

*After a hiatus that could not be avoided, the owner is back with the new layout No Angel, and ready to bring back in new players. Free to join, it's play-by-post.