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Author Topic: [Obsidian Portal] Demiurge Quest: Godgame  (Read 318 times)


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[Obsidian Portal] Demiurge Quest: Godgame
« on: July 20, 2010, 04:25:42 am »
Game Setting: Your own personal Void
Game System: Demiurge Quest

This is meant to be a comical and laid back God-game.It is a player-based world builder, where you play as the conscience of a super-god called a Demiurge. Orks, ninjas, otherwordly creatures.. start wars, end them, make planets, destroy them.. do what ever you want!

There is combat, macromanagement and a bunch of other areas to this game, it is pretty well-rounded, it just needs more players, 10-20 at least.


“Together you are a Demiurge. Created by the Powers That Be, the ultimate Omnipotent beings that control all.

Each of you is a consciousness, separated by your one mind eons ago when you sought out the pathway to immortality. You ascended.

Each Demiurge is given a separate Infinite Void to fashion into His or Her (or It’s) own personal universe, this universe can be built and altered using Cosmic Might, the amount of CM’S used up by a particular task depends on the magnitude of the task, depleted CM’S are regained slowly over time, extra CM’s are rewarded by the Powers That Be for use of creativity and common sense.

You are an especially powerful Demiurge, one of the few with a natural talent for fighting other Demiurges.

Each eon the Powers That Be will send their Servants to investigate all Universes and prune the ones that have failed, reward the ones that are worthy.. “

This campaign is played completely online. The GM makes a post in the Adventure Log and the players respond within the log or in the comments section for the post. The GM adds to the Adventure Log, responds in the comments, or start a new Adventure Log Entry to keep the action going.