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Author Topic: Zombie Apocalypse  (Read 464 times)


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Zombie Apocalypse
« on: June 03, 2010, 03:10:12 am »
I will start recruiting here for a Zombie Apocalypse game, it will be based off of the game Q2019

I expect players to post at least once every one or two days.
The Actual game will be held in another thread, you will be notified of it once it starts. Here is your character sheet:

Name: (Make it realistic, there is no one in the world named xXx56-AcexXx)

(Something about yourself, anything)

Background: (Keep it realistic)

Starting Skill: (Choose one, you may acquire more later in game)
Beginner Punch and Kick (+10% to punch and kick attacks)
Beginner Gun and Shotgun  (+10% to gun and shotgun attacks)
Beginner Melee weapons (+10% to melee weapons attacks)
Recognize groans (Citizen can recognize the different types of zombie groans)
Basic Repairs (Allows you to repair buildings with a toolbox.)

(Don't be alarmed, there are many other skills, these are just for you to choose your first skill)

(Must add up to 70 total, with 1 as a minimum and 17 maximum for any one stat)

Constitution: (Used to determine health, stamina, endurance)
Intellect - (Used for evaluating situations, handling equipment etc.)
Charisma - (Used for Social aspects of the game, convincing others, having a very low amount of this may result in unexpected results, e.g. starting a fight even if you don't want to)
Strength - (Used for all physical aspects of the game, such as jumping from one building to another)
Gun Proficiency - (Used to determine ranged weapon aspects, including getting a head shot from a distance, or not accidentally firing your weapon at a teammate.
Reflexes - (Determines your reaction time, melee fighting skills)

I will accept 5 -7 entries only, depending on the amount of interest I will increase the number.

I will send whoever is accepted a PM directing them to another thread to play in.
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