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--- Quote from: Nelly ---So no Spycraft? I love Spycraft and would love to game it, I still have a character for it :)
--- End quote ---

Sorry, Nelly...  Doesn't look like it.

Honestly, it was a novel idea that I'd posted a little pre-emptively (to gauge interest that apparently wasn't there) without fully thinking it through.  I really don't have time at the moment to run a PbP game, even though I'd really like to.  I'm trying to step out of a PbP D&D game that I'm playing in on the EN World boards, but I'm determined to finish the current adventure, at least, and the DM keeps dragging it out.

I've just got too much on my plate as it is with a Star Wars-to-Spycraft-Conversion game that I'm running right now, a D&D gestalt game that I'm playing in, and an Iron Heroes campaign that I'm starting to plan for.


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