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Title: L4 GM - Star Wars Edge of the Empire
Post by: Vault_Dweller on August 29, 2019, 06:08:24 AM
(the below was written by my friend. I am the "other" player)

Hi Everyone


As the title suggests, my friend and I are looking for a GM for our EotE campaign. So we figured we would Audition for one with our Characters and Background story. If you like what you read below and feel that you could have fun together with us, then pleas leave us a auditioning post (after all, we can't do all the work! ;p).


What we expect of a GM:

You will need to make at least 2 posts a week (more on this later).

We want a world that reacts as naturally as possible to the events that unfold, so you would need to have a basic framework of the planet/town we are currently in, the desires & motivations of any of the prominent groups/factions in the area. This includes the desires & motivations of any rivals/nemesis and parties we own obligations to. (We are aware that this might be a bit of a big ask)

Related to the above, we do not want the GM to try to balance the game at all costs. If we make good choices (or are well prepared for a challenge) we want to be rewarded for that effort. Of cause if we screw up, we want to feel the effects on our own skin! In other words, we want our choices to matter to some extent.


Now onto some technical details:

You may wonder why we require only 2 posts from our GM… This is because I have some serious health problems. Some weeks I could post daily, others even a single post will take effort. So we've decided to rather start off well within our means and see how things develop.

We will be playing on RPGGeek. The reason for this is once again my health. I can tolerate the light of Computer/TV screens for only about 45min a day. So I will be keeping up via my kindle (e-ink), only posting on the PC when I need to make dice rolls. RPGGeek is one of the few PbF sites the kindle supports and I already have prior experience with it, which basically means less time in front of the PC trying to figure things out.

We don't want to be bothered by Rations (unless in a survival campaign) and other routine maintenance; we'd rather the GM gives us a fixed credit amount at the beginning of the month which we have to pay at the end of said month for all the daily/weekly/monthly upkeep expenses.

Since I will be playing an Outlaw Tech, we will be following the Encumbrance rules closely. I'm hoping to collect a ton load of items and gear, mod the **** out of them, and then use the Utility Belt talent to pull out the right piece of equipment (that I own) for the job at hand.


And I think that's everything covered. Find our Characters as well as backstory in the posts below.
Title: L4 GM - Star Wars Edge of the Empire
Post by: Vault_Dweller on August 29, 2019, 06:12:10 AM
Bassenko Jawegwaa was a Dug who left his home world of Malastare due to the fierce competition between Dugs. He decided that it would be much easier competing against the softer races in the galaxy; and so he began to skim, smuggle and scheme his way to technological riches.

He finally made it big (in his eyes) by securing a smuggling shipment of <2 speeder bikes> and <1 landspeeder> to the planet of . No one else wanted the contract because of the inherent difficulty of smuggling vehicles, the supposed complications/ties with the and the laughably low payment.

Bassenko however had a plan. He was willing to take the job, provided they supplied him with three shipping crates worth of unused, misused, outdated, damaged, broken or cheap technological equipment, gear or parts. The agreed. So while the worked on scavenging the necessary supplies, Bassenko bought four shipping crates and proceeded to strip down the vehicles he was to ship into their basic parts. Once finished and the supplies arrived, Bassenko mixed the parts/equipment provided by the with the vehicle parts and secured himself and his 4 shipping crates of "spare parts" a place on a starship that was going to pass by , paying his way by working as the ships mechanic for the duration of the journey.

However, things did not go smoothly. As this was the first time that Bassenko owned so many valuable possessions (at least in his eyes), he found himself increasingly worried about said possessions. He frequently began checking up on his crates, his paranoia finally prompting him to start trapping his crates. He was even foolish enough to place some electro-snares around his crates, which ultimately led to him and his cargo being dumped on when one of his traps stunned a cargo crew member.

This incident only confirmed his paranoia and Bassenko realised that he needed full time protection for his possessions if he was going to keep them safe. Traps alone were clearly only part of the solution. Unfortunately, hiring a person was completely out of the question, you could not trust any of the sentient alien species in the galaxy to guard one's stuff! There was no other option, he was going to need a Droid Guard...

IG-RM started life as any IG-RM unit does: built by Holowan Laboratories as an "Enforcer and Bodyguard droid", though primarily designed to be a bodyguard rather than enforcer. He was thus programmed to be fiercely loyal to his owner, law-abiding, and came equipped with a standard issue truncheon and a built-in Comlink. He was sold off to a young merchant, Abu Tubb the Toydarian, who was in need of protection while journeying on his newly established but long trade routes. Abu turned out to be a successful merchant, and over the years his business grew. The bond between IG-RM and Abu also grew accordingly, and Abu even got the nickname of Iggy. Later on Abu started a family and eventually settled down on , employing other traders to handle the trade routes. Iggy subsequently got re-assigned as a bodyguard droid for Abu's family at his personal manor on . Iggy was originally designed to "adapt" to his situation; in other words he had capacity to "learn" certain principles as required. And during his time under Abu's employment, he learned two important principals.

The first was the Abu's love for his family. Abu was a born merchant, and he was always excited to go on his next trading journey. This excitement was, however, not remotely comparable to the happiness he experienced when meeting his wife, as well as how this happiness developed and increased alongside his family. He ended up having four kids, and he repeatedly told Iggy how he would never trade his family for "life on the road", no matter how much he enjoyed it in his youth.

The second was the principle of speciesism. During his early years when he was still travelling a lot, Abu came in contact with a variety of individuals and species. Some of these individuals eventually became Abu's friends, and others were, shall we say less than friendly, towards Abu. As a merchant, this is to be expected and accepted. However, one thing that Iggy did note was that the individuals who mistreated Abu were generally Humans. This was especially true for Humans who were in some way associated with the Galactic Empire. And since most humans Abu came in contact with were, in fact, associated with the Galactic Empire at the time, Iggy associated speciesism with humans in general.

Abu eventually died, his children grew up and started their own lives, and so his wife decided to downsize. This meant that Iggy wasn't of use to her anymore. So she sold Iggy off to a through a local trader Abu knew and trusted.

Bassenko, after assembling one of the speeders, started putting out some feelers and eventually one of his newly made contracts put him in touch with said who wanted the IG-RM droid in his possession reprogrammed. Bassenko managed to convince the owner that he worked for and that he would do the reprogramming for a very generous price to ensure the would patronage the shop in future.

Bassenko had no intention of ever returning the droid, however, and after taking the droid to his workshop, an abandoned warehouse, he started studying the droids programming to improve his own knowledge of programming.

Unfortunately, caught wind of Bassenko's betrayal, so he "visited" Bassenko, accompanied by some minor bounty hunters. By that time Bassenko was able to reprogram the droid to be loyal to him, as well as some of the basic utility functions Bassenko found important, including basic medical knowledge and planetary piloting. Bassenko re-activated Iggy, and he helped his new master escape and eventually lose from his tail. Due to the surprise of the "raid" Bassenko and Iggy only managed to grab a few pieces closes to them before making their escape on Bassenko's recently-assembled speeder bike.

Although Bassenko managed to reprogram Iggy's loyalty completely, he never had the time to wipe all of his memory. One of the results of this was that the two important principles he picked up in his past life was still with him. Thus, because of his master's death, and the fact that Abu was very devoted to his family, Iggy felt compelled to acquire information about Abu's children to ensure that they were doing well and were prosperous. And while not openly hostile, he still resented humans in general, feeling the need to help any individual oppressed by humans and their activities.

And that is how Bassenko and Iggy find themselves hidden outside , planning their next move...
Title: L4 GM - Star Wars Edge of the Empire
Post by: Vault_Dweller on August 29, 2019, 06:12:45 AM
Bassenko (Me)

Dug - Technician - Outlaw Tech

Br2   Ag4   Int3   Cun2   Will2   Pr2
Soak: 2(+1)   Wounds: 12   Strain: 10

Mechanics: 2
Computers/Perception/Piloting (Planetary)/Streetwise/Brawl/Education/Outer Rim/Underworld: 1

Defensive Riding

Contract: 20     Bounty: 10


Weapons & Armor:
Brass Knuckles
Slugthrower Pistol
Heavy Clothing

Spacer's Duffel
Comlink (Handheld)
Utility Belt
Emergency Repair Patch
Breath Mask/Respirator

IG-RM (Friend)

Droid - Hired Gun - Heavy

Br3   Ag3   Int2   Cun1   Will2   Pr2
Soak: 3   Wounds: 13   Strain: 12

Athletics/Discipline/Medicine/Perception/Piloting (Planetary)/Vigilance/Gunnery/Melee/Ranged (Heavy): 1


Non-Human Rights (Basically the rights of everything except Humans!!!)

Weapons & Armor:
Glunok FYR Assault Carbine
Truncheon (Most likely table leg from escape :p)

Comlink (Built-in)
Emergency Medpack
Emergency Repair Patch
Extra Reload
Imperial Army Military Pack


And that's everything. Hopefully I did not miss anything. Questions welcome :)
Title: L4 GM - Star Wars Edge of the Empire
Post by: MWMattei on November 07, 2019, 06:29:51 PM
Have you had any luck finding a GM?
Title: L4 GM - Star Wars Edge of the Empire
Post by: Vault_Dweller on November 08, 2019, 04:48:15 AM
Not yet. Though not sure if my friend is up for it at the moment. Will have a chat with him and let you know.
Title: L4 GM - Star Wars Edge of the Empire
Post by: Vault_Dweller on November 13, 2019, 06:56:34 AM
Unfortunately this is not going to happen any time soon...