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Interest in one of O.R.E based games?


Gauging if anyone would like to play Wild Talents or Reign?

I could be interested. What kind of game do you want to play? Also it has been a long time since I read either of those books so would need to reread them

I'm game for anything, I quite like Reign and feel very fondly for Wild Talents.

Whats your preference? Pitch me a couple of game ideas and if like one of them I'm in.  If not then I shall scorn you for your lack of excitement and mediocrity.



I had an idea for Wild Talents where I was going to borrow from Night's Black Agents and have superheroes fighting Vampires, but the catch is that unlike in Night's Black Agents - in my game Vampires (while existing) don't exist. I was following in from Godlike and superheroes only began existence around WW2 and then that burst of heroes faded out and now those heroes are quite old, so the only ones with the means and money to create a superhero are governments - and they're so expensive that they're not used openly ever (if it can be helped), used more in espionage. So, outside of the known superheroes from WW2 and the early 50's - the only new heroes are government creations - most people are unaware these new ones exist.

I had (what I thought was a good starting point) - we'd see where it would lead. [size=78%]   [/size]


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