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Author Topic: [Interest] Homebrew Pathfinder Game  (Read 423 times)


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[Interest] Homebrew Pathfinder Game
« on: October 19, 2012, 05:00:33 AM »
I want to run a 1st level Pathfinder game set in my own homebrew world.

It's homebrew because I'm going to make it up as we go along.

I've got a vague idea about your characters starting off as the members of several Clans that have fled from a combination of civil war and invasion in their old Empire.  So your culture would be based on the native American tribal structure but with access to primitive technology that would be a mixture of steam and magitech.  

Arcane magic and science is new and untrusted while divine magic from the Great Spirits has always been around and the practitioners loved and feared depending on the spirits they call upon.  

So the tribes are the Shisk, the Ari and the Deci.  The Shisk are mainly warriors and purists, never mixing their blood outside pure blood Ashanki (what all the tribes of the people are called).  The Ari are also mainly warriors but they have a strong spiritual side and many are the Spirit Men (clerics or druids I guess) that come from them, they to are purists but a few non-Ashanki have made their way into their bloodlines.  The Deci are inventors, madmen, wizards, rogues, wild men and there is more than a hint of madness and curiosity in their bloodline, they are definitely not purists and their leader is a dwarf madman wizard inventor genius who only answers to Bork.

Shit I'm starting to like this idea!  Not bad for something that I've spent the last thirty minutes coming up with.

The game will start as your tribes unload their ships onto the new land they've fled to and volunteers from all the tribes are called for to start exploring the area around them.  There might be more than a hint of Barsoom in this game but it should be fun for as long as my interest lasts.

If you want to have a go post a Character concept in this thread.  First come first served.  Once I've hit six 1st level characters that I like the game will start, remember I'm making this up as we go along, and you will have 48 hours to post after my initial post.  If you don't post within 48 hours your character goes into sleepy mode and I'll ask for a new player.

If I get nobody interested I will take this game to another forum because I am starting to like this idea quite a bit.