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[Interest] (Darkwood) Role-playing the inspiration for Robin Hood


The Witch-King of Tsámra:
It is the the early 13th century and all is not well in England. The people of England have not been well and not been well for a long time. Ever since the Normans conquered England the spirit of England has been ill at ease, and the spirit of the people, broken. And unto this dark time an unlikely band of outlaws would strike back at the injustices and fight for the common good. Who these men and women would be is unknown. Not even The Dagda nor Odin nor The Lord above, knows what the loom of fate foretells.

Howdy everyone. I am looking for players to play a game of Darkwood. If you are interested let me know. I just got this book in print on Monday and I hope to bring more eyes onto this cool game.

The Witch-King of Tsámra:
Also if anyone is interested in a Gangbusters B/X game let me know and I will whip something up.

The Witch-King of Tsámra:


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