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[Interest] B/X in a Haunted Forest of a Thousand Deaths

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Basically a dark fantasy human centric game where you play as prisoners magically bound to serve a mission in deadly forest that is haunted.

The interesting elements for the player is that they control a entire party of four at level five instead of one character at level one.  Trust me you need the numbers and HP as the forest is quite deadly.

Obviously there will be house rules as magic will be very different from normal D&D.  By the way if your wondering what book I am using it is Old-School Essentials Classic Fantasy by Necrotic Gnome.  

If your interested stay alert as more information will be given once I have them written down.

I'd be interested.


--- Quote from: JeStor on September 02, 2020, 08:01:26 PM ---I'd be interested.

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Nice.  I wait for two more, but hold on as I have yet to complete homelands and factions.  Basically ten homelands and six factions.

No problem, I'll wait till you are ready to go.

Here are the homelands.

Barista, the Cruel Kingdom
    A kingdom under the cold iron grip of its cruel and ruthless aristocracy.  Here status is everything and will determine your fate for the rest of your life.  Wise freeman make themselves useful to the nobility, or avoid their presence entirely.  Many find the trenches in the blood fields, but the lucky few find very comfortable lives in the cities.  Though most people in Barista are serfs who are owned by their noble masters.
    Alignments: Neutral, but nobles lean towards Chaotic
          Abilities: +1 CON, -1 CHA

Demonia, the Wastes of Filth
    Dividing the deserts of Lambii to the east from the rest of the land to the west are mountainous badlands with deep canyons.  The land is rotten and vile for something is buried deep within the earth.  It crawls, it devours, and thank God it cannot tolerate any light so it will never bring itself to the surface.  It also produces powerful drugs and aphrodisiacs.  When fleeing exiles from Lambii had entered the land to escape the desert these powerful drugs split the people into two groups.  Those that resisted the drugs left the land to create the first city known as Ghadii.  Those that stayed became savage cultists who worship their false god in pleasure temples.  They are not above human sacrifice to feed that demon.
    Alignments: Chaotic
          Abilities: +1 CON, -1 WIS

    People who are not from this region of the world are refered to as Farlanders.  They carry a exotic air and with them strange tales from their foreign lands.
    Alignments: Any
          Abilities: +1 ANY, -1 ANY

Ghadii, the Fortress City
    Long ago exiles from Lambii went through the wastes of Demonia.  The foul slouthful creature that crawls deep in the earth divided the people.  Those who were wise left the wastes for better land.  That land was the holy mountains where the first city was built.  Named after the hero of their people Ghadii still stand tall with its high walls and deep mines.  Unlike their degenerate kin to the north the people of Ghandii practice disciple and had defended the region from its enemies.  Those enemies are the degenerates to the north, Lambii raiders to the east, and Barista to the west.  Though thanks to joining the Three Kingdom Alliance tensions with Barista had lessened, but Ghadiians know better than to trust tyrants.  Though converting into the St. Hamel faith is controversial and brought unease in the city.
    Alignments: Lawful
          Abilities: +1 WIS, -1 DEX

Hol, the Iron Kingdom
    The good kingdom of Hol is known for being the fair handed swords of justice and creators of the Three Kingdom Alliance.  Its people are strong, independent, and free which is unheard of to the tyrannical kingdom south of them.  The people owe this to the divide of power between the royal family, nobles, elected representatives among the commoners, and the elected commoners who serve as judges.  Having a actual say in what goes on in their kingdom the people have higher morale and loyalty to their nation in comparison to others.
    Alignments: Neutral, but leaders lean towards Lawful
          Abilities: +1 CHA, -1 WIS

Jarrett, the Broken Kingdom
    A kingdom of too many problems, too many rivalries, and too many civil wars.  Here there is no king, but a number of lords who hold tight to their lands for as long as they can.  Things are so chaotic the wild folk had returned to reclaim their ancestral land from the Hamel worshippers.  If it wasn't for the few nobles that control the wall in the north the region would be taken over by Lambii.  Though these northerners are thinking of leaving the Three Kingdom Alliance.  For that matter form its own kingdom as most of Jarrett wages war on itself.  The pagans already divided the kingdom in half.
    Alignments: Neutral
          Abilities: +1 DEX, -1 INT

Lambii, the Desert Empire
    The empire of Lambii is so vast that it contains many lands and could be argued that it is a continent of its own.  One that is mostly barren desert where only the sands will shift.  So vast is the ocean of sand the Lambii crafted airships to speed up travel from one city to another.  Merchant princes rule the empire with silk gloves covering iron fists.  The people enjoy comfortable lives as the slave labor do most of the work.  That said some of those slaves have better lives than most free people of the empire.
    Alignments: Neutral
          Abilities: +1 CHA, -1 STR

Magistra, the Esoteric City
    Between Hol and Barista there is a inner sea known as the Sea of Dreams.  Its high amounts of salt makes the sea inhospitable to most life, but made islands with bizarre wild life.  Magicians who wanted to be free from the feuding nations settled there and eventually built the city known as Magistra.  Here the University of Magistra teaches all would be magic-users in the three kingdoms.  In fact the University pretty much runs everything in the city with the only rival are the libraries in Ghadii.  Many designs for industrial machinery are made here as well many more usages of Azoth.  Speaking of Azoth the bottom of the sea is covered by minerals that can easily create the divine fire.  The city is very protective of this resource.
    Alignments: Lawful
          Abilities: +1 INT, -1 STR

Mirkshroud, the Black Swamps
    Also known as the frozen marshes, or the pagan woods.  It is bleak place where the strong and the crafty survives.  Tales say that wicked spirits dominate the land with their black feathers being the only sign of their passing.  The pagans and their witch priestesses worship them as guardian spirits.  Beyond horrific spirits the wild life is said to be quite deadly as well.  From giant swamp sloths, man eating cat fishes of various sizes, and to armies of ants known for using the bones of their victims to move around.  The pagans are just as deadly and numbers of them are moving out from the swamps to take land from Jarrett.
    Alignments: Neutral
          Abilities: +1 STR, -1 CHA

Silence, the Haunted Forest
    In the middle of the entire region is a forest with no name for no sane man will ever try to claim it.  Even the mad cultists of Demonia avoid this accursed forest for it is haunted.  Locals simply call it the Forest of a Thousand Deaths and officials labeled the place as Silence for none will speak word on it.  Though sightings had reported strange things that defy even the strange wonders found in Magistra and horrors far exceeding those that can be found in Demonia drug dens.  The rare few born in the forest are cursed to eventually return.  The forest always claim what it owns.
    Alignments: Any
          Abilities: +1 WIS, -1 CON

Alignment are the most common you should expect from the npcs in these land.
Abilities are adjusted when picking a homeland.


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