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[Interest] B/X in a Haunted Forest of a Thousand Deaths

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Anyone still on?

Any of you guys alive?

 :-[ Stay healthy out there!

OK, forgot the room and password, but I went back and rolled 5d6 for gender, getting 3, 5, 5, 1, 4. I'll take 3 and 1 as women, and 5, 5, 4 as men. I will also use lower for younger, middle for middle age, and higher for older. So PC A is an Elderly Woman, PC D (glass cannon) is a young woman. And therefore PC B and C are middle aged men, and PC E is a young man.

A - elder woman
B - middle age man
C - middle age man
D - younger woman
E - younger man

Let me know if you need any other demographic stats!  ;)

Sweet your alive.  The other guy hadn't responded so I guess we can start now.


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