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The wind blows as the moon rises.  You wake up from your coffin and put on your badge.  Deputy Dirk is sitting at the table with coffee.  The zombie is also eating a donut and left a plate of cooked blood sausages for you.

"Eggs are cooking," Dirk tells you as he starts to read the local newspaper.  The blood eggs sizzle on the pan and you look out of the window.  "It should be done any moment," Dirk finally added.

After the apocalypse the town had change quite a lot.  It had reverted to some halloween theme western due to how everyone change into a monster of some type.  In fact the world had change over the course of five years.  It also ended quite of lot of lives which includes your family, friends, and fellow co-workers.


" I wonder what the wind will blow in tonight"

As Roan wakes up for the night, He looks out at the now Callous Moon, a Shadow of what the moon once more can you see Bailey's Crater... 144 miles across, visible from everywhere on the the moon looks empty, the light it gives off  is an eerie Green instead of pale white and blue

Becoming a Vampire had changed Roan in more ways than one, He's a Hard person now, and doesnt care much what happens, or how he treats the people...if you can call them that...around him, He only Bit Dirk because he needed backup, the kid had no law enforcement experience in the world before,...he was some computer nerd... but in Today's World, you can't be picky...

As Roan walks towards the table of his comrades he Slaps the Zombie across the back of it's head

"Don't touch my fucking sausage Zomb-o "

"Ow...  What the hell man?  You told me last night to cook them," Dirk replied.  He rubs the back of his head.  Yes Dirk is a push over and there are better people out there.  Sad fact is they would probably break your teeth before you can mind control them which means you may have to actually be nice to them.  For some reasons you just can't do nice.

Any ways after breakfast you prepare your guns to make sure they are ready to fire when it is needed.  Then you head out into town.

The town is quiet and could use some improvement.  The place is falling apart and those zombies are too lazy to fix any of it.  Hell the other day the mummy that runs the bank was complaining about the faulty repairs to the safe.  Lets see if the lazy lots actually did the job and for their sakes.  You have money in there that you want to be safe.


" I don't wanna hear it...Hurry up and finish your breakfast, and get in the car... we're going  on patrol...After I check on some things at the bank"

Roan grabs his gear, and jumps in the Driver's seat of his Sweet Sweet Esposa, his love queen of 8 Cylinder Bliss....that for some reason, probably because of her mutual love for him, doesn't need gas anymore.... It's a good thing too... since the Shift all the Gas has now become Toxic Ooze that eats through anything it touches....After Dirk get's into the Car, they head towards the bank

At the bank you see a clearly piss off mummy who sits on a rocking chair with a shotgun in hand.  The vault door is still broken and no zombies in sight.

"Well good to see you early," said the banker.  "Shame I can't say the same thing for repair crew.  They are late and I had been guarding everyone's money all day."


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