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IC: Talislanta Sword & Planet Disco Fantasia!

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It's gonna begin! Run for your lives!

Deposit your simplified PC here.

Older recruiting topic will now double as an OOC (Out-Of-Character) Topic.

We will be starting in the Wilderlands by the town of Akmir. I am also starting the party off with a Salt Flats Catamaran Racer (just in case someone wants to emulate Mad Max or a Duran Duran video). Further, it has a jukebox with a band of tiny imps forced to play music, where slain enemies may drop new collectible soul records for the juke's catalog (and yes, songs replays by PCs'll cost lumen, :p). Gonna do a 'Lawrence of Arabia' long shot with the Salt Flats Catamaran pulling into the Akbir Depot while mysterious strangers have their robes billow dramatically as the music builds & swells.

Feel free to mention in the old topic where you wanna start: On Catamaran or Akbir Depot.


Simplified Character

Ghandus Dharmen, Thrall Warrior

Size Height: 7'0" Weight: 300-lbs.
Appearance: Ghandus is tall, standing at 7'0" in height, with a powerful, muscular physique. Ghandus is hairless and bald, and has bright, rainbow coloured skin. Ghandus has large pointed ears that are slightly angular and swept back against his head, and has pale silver eyes. While Ghandus has a bright and flamboyant appearance, he has the unmistakable gaze of a predator. Despite his charming smile and smooth words, it is easy to sense that lurking below the surface of a cheerful demeanor is a coiled hunger for savage wrath and ruthless violence. Ghandus walks with squared shoulders, upright posture, and a commanding, resolute presence. Ghandus is typically loud in his speech, and radiates motivation, energy and discipline.

Intelligence: -2; Will: +2; Strength: +5 Dexterity: +1, Constitution: +4; Speed: +1
Attribute Adjustments: Intelligence +1 (Changes Intelligence from -3 to -2), Charisma +1, Strength +1 (Changes Strength from +4 to +5), Dexterity -1 (Changes Dexterity from +2 to +1). Hit Points 20 (Base of 16+4 Constitution bonus). Special Abilities: Immunity to Fear; Inability to Comprehend Magic; Background Village-Dweller. SKILLS: Primary Combat, Mounted Combat, Weaponless Combat, Literacy, Hunting and Fishing, Swimming. Bonus Skill: Command. COMBAT RATING: 4. Movement Base of 120-ft. (100-ft, +20-ft. per +1 point of Speed). Encumbrance 350-lbs. (Base of 100-lbs, +50-lbs. per +1 point of Strength.). Weapon Proficiencies: Greatsword, Dagger, Shortbow. Languages Talislan, Kang.

Ghandus Dharmen wears a pair of thick, black leather boots on his feet. Ghandus often wears a pair of gloves on his hands, which are made of black Marsh Strider Hide. Milk white tunic and kilt, with bright purple embroidery on the edges. A large cloak over his shoulders, being a bright, lemon yellow in colour, crafted of fine and luxurious silk and flamboyantly fringed with silver and purple Sawila feathers. Ghandus Dharmen wears a thick, heavy chain of polished black steel and silver dangling casually from about his neck. The heavy neck chain is crafted of good workmanship and high quality silver, and is valued at 10 Gold Lumen. Also hanging over his chest is a well-made water-skin of some strange hide of a sea creature, with a shark-head stopper at the water-skin's nozzle. The shark stoppered water-skin holds 2-gallons of liquid. The shark head stopper is crafted of shimmering white pearl and inlaid with silver.

Ghandus's Major Personality Traits

Personality Traits (Positive or Neutral)
Ghandus is fiercely loyal to his family, his friends, and his country.

Personality Traits (Negative)
Ghandus is often Quick-Tempered and prone to displays of violence.

Ghandus should be riding in the Sand Catamaran! His bright, lemon-yellow cloak billowing in the breeze around him!

Doc Sammy:
Amara Sala, Danuvian Swordswoman

Appearance: Tall, fit, and muscular. Amara is an Amazonian warrior with bronze skin and long hair dyed a glowing neon green, wearing gaudy black leather pants and boots, lots of jewelry with green rhinestones, a neon green sleeveless shirt, a black leather vest, and a pair of mirrored sunglasses with glowing green lenses.
SIZE: 6'6", 190 Ibs.
SKILLS: Primary combat, mounted combat (equs), command
ability; plus armorer, weaponer or beast trainer.
EQUIPMENT/POSSESSIONS: Black iron corselet and wrist
bracers, shoulder pouch, halberd, long sword, poignard (in sheath,
tied to leg), ear-rings, torc, equs steed.
WEALTH: d20 x 10 gold lumens.

Positive Personality Traits: Amara is fun-loving and friendly, and also loyal to those she considers as her friends

Negative Personality Traits: Amara is often prone to being short-sighted and focused too much on having a good time as opposed to actually achieving her goals at times.

Amara will also be riding in the Sand Catamaran


SIZE: 6'6", 160 lbs.
PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Silvery skin, deep blue hair, distinctive features, slender physique.
PERSONA: great at parties, bad at holding his tongue, utterly naive of how the world works outside of the fantasy of court nobles and magical decadence
SKILLS: Secondary magic, magical operations, concoct potions, artificer, brewer/vintner (Thaecian nectar), enchant items, inscribe spells.
LANGUAGES: Thaecian, High Talisian, Bodorian, Nomadic (recently learned), Read Archaen
EQUIPMENT/POSSESSIONS: Diaphanous gossamer robes, gossamer purse and shoulder pouch, silver bound spell book, 2
amber crystal vials (potions) and spheres (Thaecian orbs), flask of Thaecian nectar.
WEALTH: 1000 gold lumens in mixed coins and/or gemstones (100 coins, 18 gems worth 50 lumens each).
COMMENTS: Thaecians are devout pleasure-seekers who shun hard work in favor of more pleasant pastimes. They are enamored
of magic, and are partial to Thaecian nectar, a drink noted for its exotic flavor and exhilarating properties.

HELIOS was a wealthy and connected hanger-on to the Thaecian court who got bored by the "safe" decadence of the noble's party scene. After a night of too much nectar, he let his inner thoughts fly free and upon sobering, decided swift departure was the right move, and many months later, after a "disastrous caravan disaster", he's wandered into Akbir.
Helios shall begin at the Depot...with the stunning realization he's unarmed, unarmored, without any scrolls or enchantments.

I will be lounging around Akbir Depot



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