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IC: Talislanta Sword & Planet Disco Fantasia!

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{OOC: Salt Devils encounter still being baked between holiday errands. That said, I anticipate you will have something to chew on during Thanksgiving weekend.  ;)

And to process other social interactions -- such as discreet inquiries, battle tactics collaborations, and developing relationships -- take this time to chat amongst yourselves and NPCs on the boat. We will place this time during the Zaran Guest Invitation (branding ceremony), still within The Take-Off but a few hours after the immobilizing ecstacy. There is some juicy news worth sharing among yourselves before I slam you into your next combat encounter.  :)

Only GM request is: imagine your PC is still blissing out in their struggle to hold it together after waking.  8) :-* Less stoic bloodthirsty, more rave puddle lovey-dovey. Blame it on the GNAATS (glitterdrugs). Don't worry, each drug phase will affect you differently so you won't be helpless against Salt Devils or other future dangers.}

4th day, 2 week, 4th month
Prime Sun "12 PM" (Second Sun Aurora-Haze)
The Barrens

BGM The Ride (night) - "Magic," Olivia Newton-John

BGM Upcoming Playlist
The Mellow (dawn) - "Sailing," Christopher Cross

The Comedown (morning) - "Avalon," Roxy Music

Somewhere in The Barrens
Salt-Flat Cargo Catamaran

{As the night spills into a somnambulism-suffused synchronicity, the Jukebox Imps are first on the uptake with a strutting bass and plucky treble. The torchlight crooning pours in and wraps around all of you a warmth that complements the desert's cooling turn.}
BGM - "Magic," Olivia Newton-John

Whatever drug these GNAATS you are now stuck on is, it's currently changing your sensations to a supremely confident and capable version of you.

{"Come take my hand, You should know me, I've always been in your mind, You know I will be kind, I'll be guiding you..."}

The stars and aurora-lit neon clouds, that would otherwise be hidden ink blots in the night sky, stage the distant peaks of the Eastern Borderlands. Together with the ship's LuminOrbs lighting little more than the ship and onrushing ground a delicious disorientation plays. 'Destination afar' and 'Journeymen here' floats speedily in naught but the black 'Unknown between'. Maybe this is what flying feels like.

{"Building your dream, Has to start now, There"s no other road to take, You won't make a mistake, I'll be guiding you..."}

A ridge pops up to your ship's right and rises, "running" alongside your ship. Set even a second off during the afternoon could have careened the craft upon this rocky shoal among salt plains. Whoever is involved is guiding you all indeed.

And a boulder crashes to your ship's left, rocking the catamaran!

The LuminOrbs send shadows dancing dizzily in their sway. Before anyone's recovery a roar crashes around you... and then follows a worse swaying! It nearly capsizes the boat, the craft rocks violently!

In the vessel's dancing lights, listing to and fro through racing darkness, a 13 foot tall horned humanoid the color and texture of polished brass stands laughing holding a skull-capped maul greater than an equs! A Salt Devil, an Enim! It booms, "Hello, dinner."

{"You have to believe we are magic, nothing can stand in our way..."}

[OOC: Surprise Round Over.]

Round 1
[OOC: Tell me what you are doing.]

 :) Nom, nom, nom?

(OOC: Okay if I do this right I will use my last spell of the day to go werebeast form.  That way my attacks do d12 damage and MAYBE I get tempoary secondary combat so I can be decent in a fight.)

The witch begins to struggle with her insides till something begins to burst out of her.  Gore, blood, cracking bones spray everywhere till all that remain is a rather large werebeast.  Then Astlumia howled to the moon.

{  :D Gonna wait a bit more for others to respond. Otherwise, by GM Fiat since you were good enough to respond, you'll be the one who gets to act on the "surprise round."}


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