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IC: Talislanta Sword & Planet Disco Fantasia!

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3rd day, 2 week, 4th month
Prime Sun “6 PM” (Second Sun Setting Horizonal-Oblate)
The Barrens

BGM Helen - Witch

BGM Upcoming Playlist
The Take-off (dusk & evening) - “I Feel Love,” Donna Summer & Giorgio Moroder

The Ride (night) - “Magic,” Olivia Newton-John

The Mellow (dawn) - “Sailing,” Christopher Cross

The Comedown (morning) - “Avalon,” Roxy Music

The Barrens, North of Akmir
Salt-Flat Cargo Catamaran


Inhales deeply as the pink dust cloud with suspended iridescent flecks caresses over the entire vehicle. Being little more than rigging and netting presumably everyone is coated, depending on how clothed they are in this heat. Oh yeah, no mistaking that initial airy tingle followed by gradual return to warmth, like being coated in witch hazel & alcohol solution and left to dry in a calm morning. That’s some weapon-grade stuff right there…

{The Jukebox Imps are first to succumb, eyes rolling up in their head, and their beat changing to an entirely different song not in their catalog. This is some direct-from-the-source inspiration!}
BGM - “I Feel Love,” Donna Summer & Giorgio Moroder

{“Go back and retrieve her luggage! Now!” the solar deva commands.}

And in a mental flash you see a taupe double clasp hardshell with lustrous handle finish splayed open in the golden-mauve lighting transition from late afternoon to dusk. Your boat is arcing away, but can easily backtrack if you hold this turn into a full circle —

Helios to Everyone

“Hold this position!” you yell to Nok at the helm.

— and you realize you have only a few minutes to steady the crew before they collide upon the tides of ecstasy… for hours. —

“Ready the gaffing poles for a pickup! Saddle on your safety harnesses or get into the hold if you can’t find one!”

— You strap on the nearest padded chest harness with tether ending in a carabiner and start commanding who seems to be best resisting the dust’s effects. Ghandus and Amara stand out notably given their size and bare skin, the dosage is already tremendous, they should otherwise be going limp by now. In the next rounds you prepare while circling back. —

“Gaff the luggage! No, not her aerial dancing in the rigging! The luggage, the luggage down there! Dammit, it’s up to you, Ghandus and Amara!”

{“I feeel looove… I feel looooOOOOooooOOOOve! I feel loooOOOOooooOOOOve! …}

— Several Za fail in their pass, some even going slack from pleasure, while Buubi whirls majestically from the main sail rigging to which her harness is tethered. Ghandus knocks the luggage’s side so that it rotates, giving Amara full opening to the handle… success! —


A glint of reflecting sunlight staggers Helios, {“And head onto the Second Sun until morning… Destiny…” a vision of the solar deva holds your limp form, cooing wisdom to you, then fades into your tethered harness.}

Helios to Everyone

“All right, Nok, here’s the hard part, stay with me until we face into the setting Second Sun,” you recover, direct the luggage into the ‘med bay’ cabin for inspection, and then stand with the helmsman.

— This reminds you why as Thaecians your people prefer flowing robes and massive brandy sniffer orbs, for they were excellent and discreet defenses during the Hedonism Wars. Covering skin from contact drugs and holding spare breathable air from pleasure gases is only practical during enchanter… “disagreements.” Looks like Nok needs some encouragement. —

“You’re doing great Nok, just a little more and you can set up the cruise-control rigging.”

— Yes, salt versus sea piloting must be different. His mastery is noticeable, except all the controls and ship responses fight his instincts. All right, here we go, he did great considering. You help Nok finish the last of the cruise-control rigging as he sags into unbearable release.

{“I feeel looove… I feel looooOOOOooooOOOOve! I feel loooOOOOooooOOOOve! …}

Here’s where a song bridge should be, just enough time to confer with the most clothed what it is in that luggage that must be kept before we 'fumble towards ecstasy'.

Catamaran ‘Med-Bay’ Cabin
Helios, Astumia, and ‘Thigriz’ (Calla)

Entering the ‘med-bay’ cabin there is only Astlumia and she who is called ‘Thigriz’ remaining, well-clothed in this heat as they are. A look of concern briefly passes over their faces between rising waves of joy. The taupe luggage lies open amidst you all, with a magi-clockwork device ticking in its center, each clamshell reservoir over half filled with more iridescent pink drug dust behind clear panes, and a delivery spray nozzle… confirming your worst suspicions. But my, how that lustrous handle finish ties the whole ensemble together! Must. hurry. too. much. feel. good.

It is a Glittaneous Neuro-Aesthesic Amplifying Transcenderizer System. Military-and-Concert-Arena-Grade. Thaecian-made. And so very contraband without a licensed military-imagineer escort. Either a new “disagreement” is starting or, due to this one’s absence, will start and whatever in-over-their-head bootleg event promoter is playing with this is in for a world of ecstatic-agony. So one or two more foes are likely coming for all your heads.

Your revelation to your allies garners a mix of smoldering looks, pouting, and unconscious vamping, making it hard to gauge their stress response, but if bad news ever had to be delivered this might be the best way. It is the most alluring to be sure. And yet curiously Astlumia gives away not a whit whether she herself is the in-over-her-head event promoter. Time for private questions later.

“My bosom beguiles me as it heaves under this changing fabric. I have never noticed the sensuous value of so much clothing before. Is this why you outsiders like it?” the Thigriz breaks the silence after the reveal. Yeah, she’s not long for consciousness, but at least she warmed from ‘intruders’ to ‘outsiders’, so the evening looks to bring surprises, maybe even friendship. There are two more spume charges left in the suitcase, or one enormous spume blast, you share as the last of coherence ebbs from your gathering.

[OOC: ALL PCs, you each have a last chance to say something before you slip into unconsciousness on the ‘crystal’ ship.]

{“I feeel looove… I feel looooOOOOooooOOOOve! I feel loooOOOOooooOOOOve! …}

[OOC: During this evening’s haze of pleasure the Thigriz will reveal her name as Calla and offer invitational branding as Guests of Zaran (previous post, slotting it in its proper time slot). From here we will have you awaken in the dead of night to The Ride, where the jukebox imps will switch to playing “Magic” by Olivia Newton-John, and the ship’s LuminOrbs (lanterns) attract the abyssal howl and massive distant silhouettes of salt devils.]

(OOC: Wait I thought I tossed it before it can blow up and the explosion can get us.)

(EDIT: Had to do a reread.  Okay so I am just drugged out and passed out.  Not going crazy on drugs.)

Helios sighs and slumps, "Oh well, I did want to see new things and go to new places."


"Damnit I was trying to save the ship from the bo..."

Ghandus shouts out gleefully, "Ride on, baby! RIDE ON!"!!!

Ghandus lays there and drinks, gazing into the shifting skies.


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