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IC: Talislanta Sword & Planet Disco Fantasia!

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After having met Ghandas, Tadius agrees to cold round thinking it to be an absolutely capital idea, given the dust and heat. While standing idly by as Ghandas peruses the Zaran merchandise somewhat disinterestedly.  His interest is piqued when he spies the Zaran dancer in the back and decides to attempt a closer look.  You know.  For science and stuff.

Nice eye there, my friend..." as a languid Chattel Agent makes introductions to Ghandas, "would let you get closer if she was on the market, but alas she went for several fistfuls of True Lumen before we even received her. Hadjin noble of course, you can never really outbid them. Seems like a natural way to thin out the harem's politics, getting so bloodthirsty a new pet."

A din outside rustles the calm indoors. "Ooh, the Djaffiri seemed to have stampeded a new herd of land lizards near the Akmiri Stableyards. Maybe a few more will be caught this time." The Chattel Agent tries to angle a better view through the broad hangar doors leaving the Zaran female tantalizingly close...

A carpet with a Rahastran reading Zodar to another bar patron erupts as the bar patron exclaims, "This is the omen of my doom you just foretold! Away, accurséd seer!" He runs off outside as the Rahastran tries to grab him and explain the patron's error, but off he runs towards the stampede outside... in time an agonizing scream is heard.

The bartender sighs & rolls his eyes during the tumult, "Your pick of poison, gents? Dracartan Pyramids favored, but conversion is but a Moneychanger booth that way, at good rates too because By the Two Suns Akmir needs money."


Ghandus gets some money changed before buying more rounds of cold drinks for himself and Tadius. Casually eyeing the Zaran woman.

OOC: Hmmm...what does she look like? What is she wearing?

Semper Fidelis,


"So, Ghandus, are you seeing what I'm seeing?" Tadius asks.  "By the way, I was meaning to ask what brings you into this, uh, rather less than delightful corner of the world?"

She is in the typical curled-toe slippers and full sleeved robe of Hadjan finery, with a twist. Both her shoe and robe fabric are made of a semi-transparent and metallic weave amid the twill, where in different angles the fabric becomes see-through and shimmers as if the flesh is behind a gilded cage. Its effect tends to occur around taut areas as her shapeliness strains against the otherwise formless Hadjan robe.

Her left hip sports a similar scar as the discounted Zaran chattel-warriors. Her bald head is decorated in painted flowers with curlicues. She looks miserable, as if waiting for an opportunity to kill everyone.


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