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One Horse Town:
Luludha - Halfling Monk - Ian Absentia
Garren of the Horse Lords - Karak Barbarian - Werekoala
Orlok the Badger - Common Avalonian Cleric of Winter - Abyssal Maw

This is the in character thread for the d&d wilderlands game Tales of the Golden Idol

One Horse Town:
You have been travelling through the dense Dark Woods for more than a day and the gloom has been a constant companion during the day and the darkness total during the night. Thankfully, the thick canopy of the forest means that there is little undergrowth, but the close growing boles and the low branches of the pine trees have left you scratched across the hands and face. A night spent sleeping amongst the scratchy carpet of needles was mitigated by the pleasant scent of pine sap. Sound travels eerily in the forests confines; a boar snuffling through the pine needles sounds as though it is right on top of you, yet you cannot see it. You will be glad to exit the forest and see the sun once more. If the farmer is to be trusted and you travel northwards, then later today, you will see the sun once more and a few miles further will bring you to the cliffs where the beacon stands and a city once stood proudly.

As you trudge wearily, the boar that you were convinced was nearby gives a shrill squel of alarm, followed by crashing sounds coming closer. The boar comes into view and following it are two inky blots that are jumping from tree to tree. They are about the size of medium sized dogs, yet shrink down to small size to squeeze between the tree branches.

As the frightened boar approaches, you see with horror that the two black shapes that chase it are spiders of incredible size.

Ian Absentia:
Luludha quickly does the math and positions herself strategically between and a bit behind the two humans, readying two of her three small throwing axes.  She chirps shrilly to her two companions, "Ignore the pig! Stay out of its way -- concentrate on the spiders!"  She quickly raises one axe and takes a bead on the nearest spider.


Abyssal Maw:
Orlok, estimates the distance between and steps outside of the path, hopefully away from the angle of escape. He has heard about spiders this size.. nothing to trifle with. He begins drawing a full circle in the dirt, and his hand plunges into a pocket to grab some silvery dust.

"Careful, Luludha!" he calls out.. and then begins mumbling the incantations of his summoning spell.

-- Orlok the badger

Garren whips his huge greatsword from his back in an overhanded motion, taking up position to screen his smaller companions from the spiders.

"I knew it! Never trust a place where you cannot feel the sun on your face and see the far horizon! "

He spits on the ground and digs in his feet, read to swing for the fences... :D


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