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Ian Absentia:
Luludha rolls her eyes slightly and bites her lip as her axe whiffs past the spider, but watches in alarm as it continues onward toward Garren.  Casting quick glances toward the sudden, inexplicable appearance of a badger that shreds the trailing spider, and the still-oncoming boar, she shifts the axe in her left hand to her right, and looks for an opportune moment to strike the spider.


Garren holds his ground as the boar rushes past, and stares at the onrushing spider, hunger blazing in what seems like hundreds of eyes. As it lunges, garren dodges and swings his sword in a sweeping underhanded arc.

Abyssal Maw:
Orlok swings his crossbow around from his back and readies it, clutching frantically at a small quiver of bolts. A couple of bolts fall out of his hands and scatter on the ground.

"I..I've never actually fired this thing..!" he complains, stuffing the bolt into the firing slot and drawing the string back.

"ok, this is pretty much what the guy at the shop said to do.."

He points the crossbow unsteadily at the spider, trying to keep away from Garren.

One Horse Town:
The combat is brief but frenetic. A softly shining badger with streaks of silver in it's fur appears before the scuttling spiders, biting down on one with a sickening crunch that echoes through the forest. This great beast then vanishes, leaving only it's grim work behind to show that it ever existed. A thrown axe buries itself in a tree trunk a foot away from the second arachnid, eliciting a groan of frustration from Luludha.

The boar rushes past the party and the remaining spider then jumps at Garren, who stands his ground gamely. The thing's venom dripping fangs come close to piercing the Barbarian's guard, but hold it off he does, as Luludha takes a swing at the beast, again only missing narrowly. Then with a great heave, Garren pushes the beast off his chest and into the air where a wide swing of his sword sunders it in two, splashing ichor over the two combatants.

After directing the majestic badger to intercept the spiders, Orlok takes out his crossbow and loads it with fumbling hands, dropping some bolts to the forest loam. He sights at the beast with his finger on the trigger, only to find that his new companions have dealt with it already.

Silence descends once more on the wood, with only the retreating boar's squeals to be heard. Then even these fade from notice.

Ian Absentia:
Luludha sets her jaw and purses her lips, grimly congratulating herself for having successfully distracted the spiders, then goes to retrieve her thrown axe from the tree she viciously attacked earlier.  She briefly glances over her shoulder at the two humans as she tugs the axe free from the wood, then goes over to the first spider to give it's ugly head a nudge with the toe of her boot.



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