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Author Topic: Recruiting: Quest for Arrakis II  (Read 3188 times)


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Recruiting: Quest for Arrakis II
« on: October 17, 2021, 01:53:02 PM »
I'm here to post about a forum RPG based on Frank Herbert's Dune. It's called the Quest for Arrakis II. The staff (of which I am a member) are looking to expand our player base.

Setting: The game is set in 8763 AG, before the books. Because there's a lot of undocumented history in Dune Lore, it was placed during this time period to allow players to be part of the Duniverse without having to deal with all of the events of the book. However, we do have a cardinal rule that players cannot do anything in-game that would make it impossible for the books to happen. This is so that the game itself stays close to established Dune Lore.

Emphasis of the Game: Like the books, Dune is based on political intrigue, plotting, the Landsraad Council, and what goes on amongst the various noble houses of the Imperium. There is of course Arrakis and anyone who knows Dune knows: The Spice must flow. This game is about writing, plotting with other players, and having fun. The staff and players are all friends OOC, but IC things can get pretty vicious. All part of the fun of the game. :)

Posting: We prefer quality over quantity. We ask that players post at least twice a week. We're not grammar nazis, but we do prefer players who have an idea of how to use periods, commas, and space paragraphs.

Game Mechanics: The game does have mechanics and resources to keep track of, which can seem daunting to new players, but it's not a chore once you get the hang of it. The staff is there to help and nurture new players to help them get started. We also offer advice, and sheets to help players more easily track resources so they can focus on playing the game and writing stories.

Playable Entities: Players can be nobles houses (such as Harkonnen/Atreides) factions (Mentat School/Bene Gesserit) or personas (individuals of note within the Imperium). All noble houses start as minors and have to earn Great House status.

Do We Allow Original Houses: Absolutely. Most seasoned players have more than one house, for writing variety, and at least one of them is usually an OC house. I personally player Great House Tanaka, completely of my own design.

Game History: Quest for Arrakis II is the successor to another game which was the original Quest for Arrakis. The game ran from approximately 2004-2011 (I didn't join right from the beginning) until the owner, Valoris Wood, passed away. With her passing, the players decided to continue the game both to honor Ms. Wood and to continue enjoying the Duniverse.

About the Poster: I joined QFA around 2006-7 and I've been with the game ever since. I was a staff member in the original QFA as I am in QFA II. I play Great House Tanaka, Minor House Dragos and I had a large hand in developing the game's economics. That's my forte, economics.

Board Protection: Because of spam bots the board is password protected. User: dinky1/Password: zigzag666%

Discord: Antaus#0579 Contact me if interested and I can invite you to the main room.

In Closing: While QFA II doesn't have a huge player base, part of the reason we're advertising, we do have dedicated, friendly, and welcoming players. QFA II is a game designed to reward players for hard work, sticking with it, and being part of the overall community, both IC and OOC. this isn't a game where you can sign-up and be a Great House within a week. Players have to work for things and earn them, but when they do they are well rewarded.

Misc: Because the game often deals with adult themes (no smut, just occasional cursing and violence, ect) is game restricted to players age 18+.
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