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IC: B/X Forest of a Thousand Deaths

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 8) Just giving my cool smile and watching my captors. They'd had to have been quite sheltered not to know about Silence's reputation. So obviously this is a trick to get us to scamper off and get killed to weaken any sort of reprisal they anticipate from this environment.

Little do they know that that just ensures a lowered guard to the land's deeper tendrils of evil.  ;) No sense losing our "ablative armor" of armed guards while here. They'll die just as nicely instead of us.

A few prisoners do flee, but not towards the forest as everyone knows it is suicide to enter those haunted woods.  No they run passed the caged wagons and into the fields.  Even if the guards shoot them in the back with crossbows it would be a better death than what would lie in those woods.

Sadly the guards didn't need their crossbows...

The sigils branded on their backs begins to glow white hot till the escapees either drop from the pain, or the strong man got to a hundred yards.  At that point the brand set his entire body to be consumed by white flame.  A most painful end.

The others that were too weak to resist the pain had to crawl back while hearing the captain laugh.

 :D Smiling to each other after much torment from our captors, our group shares a similar thought: So there is a form of release! The fools!

... Now to watch as many of these enemies as possible remain too close to Silence to become marked themselves.  ;) Time to keep our heads down, our smile hidden, and stay still. Let them linger and force us to get inside Silence; It waits.

Soon enough the guards give you weapons, armors, tools, and rations.  Given the worst quality gear you had seen, but then again no one suspects you to live.   You are then told that to be free of the geas you must journey to a hidden town and solve their problem.  You should head northeast.

With that the guards let you off, but not before aiming their crossbows at you.  No where vital just at your legs so the guards will drag and toss you into the forest.  As you walk towards that forest of gruesome and horrible fates you noticed one thing.  The guards do not follow you.

Do any of them get too close and thus marked?  ;)


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