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1st Granite 200AD (After Dammerhall)
Travel Day 1 (Lord Ningris Expedition)

Food: 20 Days for each dwarf
Water: 2 water flasks per dwarf (2 days water per dwarf)

Moving as quickly as their stumpy legs could carry them the dwarven expedition made good time through the wide dark tunnel they had found. Lady Dalla led the way, her keen perception (14), guiding them around obstacles and keeping track of any threats.

In the third part of their traveling day Lady Dalla sees up ahead an inscribed shale slab and an old stone portal. Nearby is the fresh corpse of a ogre upon which a Carrion Crawler is currently feasting.

The Bandiron Brothers gird themselves for battle, their greataxes at the ready.  Lady Dalla is cautious about attacking the Crawler knowing that it is a significant challenge for their party, while Lord Ningri studies the creature intently from a safe distance.  

"We should leave yon beasty to its supper and carry on towards faffing Dammerhall," says Lady Dalla , her heavy crossbow and gaze fixed on the feasting creature. (Persuasion 21)

"Yes I think thats probably for the best. Better to save our strength for the challenges in Dammerhall.  Don't want to get anyone too injured here," replied Lord Ningri as he continued to study the beast. (Persuasion 18)
1 Carrion Crawler*(Monster Manual p.37)

At*an inscribed shale slab and an old stone portal. nearby is the fresh corpse of a ogre
They*are looking for a mate
In a fight*they run away as fast as they can if things go badly
Difficulty...*450 Deadly

1st Granite 200AD (After Dammerhall)
Travel Day 1 (Lord Ningris Expedition)
Combat 1st round


The expedition moves slowly past the Carrion Crawler until about half have passed the feasting creature, Lord Ningri though sneezes at the wrong time and the creature scuttles across to attack him.

With its tentacles flailing wildly the Carrion Crawler strikes at the sneezing artificer (hit roll 14) slamming its tentacles into his well armored form, unable to find purchase on his bare skin.  Then it bites at him (hit roll 18) sinking its teeth into dwarven flesh (dam roll 8) ripping a bloody chunk free.

Disengaging with the creature, Lord Ningri stepped quickly to put some distance between himself and the attacking beast.  Holding his hand to his wound he called out to the rest of the expedition.

"A little help here please!"

With a roar of fury the nearest Bandiron Brother charged to the rear of the creature, holding his attack until his brothers had gotten into position.

Taking careful aim Lady Dalla shot at the enraged beast (to hit roll 16) striking it but only inflicting a minor wound (dam roll 3).

Calling out oaths to the gods the rest of the Bandiron Brothers surrounded the lone creature slamming their great axes down on it in a collaborative attack (to hit rolls 3, 11, 15, 18, 1, 19, 12, 17 +5 to each) there great blades down serious damage to the beast (dam roll 34 total)

1st Granite 200AD (After Dammerhall)
Travel Day 1 (Lord Ningris Expedition)
Combat 2nd round


Badly wounded the Carrion Crawler (51/37 HP) lashes out at its tormentors with its tentacles (hit roll 15) which the heavily armored dwarven brothers shrug off.  Then it bites at the nearest dwarf (to hit roll 23) tearing a chunk off one of the cursing dwarves (dam roll 6) .

Lord Ningri takes his tools in hand and whips up a healing salve which he smears on his wounds healing some of his wounds (cast Cure Wounds for 5hp healing). He moves further away giving him more room from the wounded creature.

The first Bandiron Brother, enraged  by his wound brings his greataxe down on the Carrion Crawler (to hit 9, 16) sinking it deep into the beast (dam roll 12) before calling on his reserves to launch another attack, this time completely missing (action surge to hit roll 7, 12).

Reloading swiftly Lady Dalla fires at the beast (to hit roll 17) her bolt finishing off the tentacled monstrosity (dam roll 6)

Combat Ends. Party gains 450XP

1st Granite 200AD (After Dammerhall)
Travel Day 1 (Lord Ningris Expedition)

Food: 20 Days for each dwarf (6 adventurers 18 retainers)
Water: 2 water flasks per dwarf (2 days water per dwarf)

After a short rest to regain their strength the party continues traveling down the rough tunnel, eventually coming to a halt for the 'night' although in the almost pitch black of the unlit tunnels its difficult for those not attuned to the underdark to sense when the sun has set in the world above.  With their retainers dealing with setting up camp the nobles discuss amongst themselves the plan of action for the future.

"Our goal must be finding the path to Dammerhall as swiftly as we can!" growls one of the Bandiron Brothers.

Nodding her head Lady Dalla responds "Aye! For too faffing long has Dammerhall been out of Dwarven hands! Let's find the faffing route and take back our faffing city!"

Accepting a tankard of ale from one of the retainers Lord Ningri mulled his reply.

"Umm yes I believe that we should umm find Dammerhall as swiftly as possible but we must consider all aspects of this journey.  Ummm Dammerhall will be lost to us umm if we don't have enough resources to take it when we arrive there.  We know we need a way to circumvent the black fire that currently grips it.  We also don't know what obstacles we shall need to overcome to get there in the first place!" states Lord Ningri as he meets the eyes of the other dwarves.

"Ummm all of us have sworn to reclaim Dammerhall or die trying but none of us have sworn to rush foolishly into danger, like some kind of human!" The other dwarves grumble at this comparison but acknowledge the truth of his words.

"Ummm it is my plan to gain what resources and allies that we can as we venture further into the depths.  I want an army with us when we arrive at Dammerhalls gates and I shall do all in my power to make that happen!"

And with that the dwarves turn their discussion to other things as the camp slowly settles down for the night.

Yorrick had been following the group at a distance, they'd been moving pretty well and he wanted to remain unseen so he was going slower than he would of liked too.  He was also at another disadvantage in that he'd not been asked to come along, he reasoning was if they'd gotten far enough away they wouldn't or couldn't really force him to head back.
He could hear them talking (caught maybe every third word), but they were way beyond his darkvision - and he hoped as long as he was fairly quiet he'd be beyond their ability to detect him, at least for the moment. Having trailed behind their encounters so far, he was aware it was dangerous so he leaned up against a tunnel wall and lay his greataxe across his lap and tried to catch a brief nap.


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